Threatcast not working after upgrade RC2 > release (clean install)

Any idea how to get it working again guys?

Was working in RC2. Now just says “Threatcast not available” when I get an alert.

Did You Tried With What Naren Had Said On The Post;msg289940#msg289940;msg265445#msg265445

we found, what we believe to be, the issue fixed it...for anyone who has registered between 6th march and yesterday the problem will persist until you reinstall. Everyone else should be getting the ratings. Sorry for the inconvience.


Thanks but:

  1. I installed online
  2. It has been working since 6 march

So these posts do not apply?

Will try disabling and re-enbling TC anyway


No this didn’t work, regrettably


Can you force re-registration in some other way?

look here->;msg289765#msg289765
The post of Elery

Ta, have pm-ed him


OK now rebooted via safe mode, and its started working, Thanks one and all!