Threatcast; is it underutilized, unappreciated, or, poorly promoted?

Due to poor update mechanism of CIS, yesterday was my first experience with Threatcast.
I was impressed by its potential.

I am wondering why it has had such a low profile? ???

It’s still fairly new so it’s less than comprehensive.


I do agree with you, its an amazing piece of infrastructure that will come to its full potential. We have updated the infrastructure and there will be a Threatcast infrastructure along with v4. Expect good things


Well, even though I like it and said “yes” for it during CIS installment, and have it checked in “Settings”. I have two days that it does not show up in my pop ups. What is going on?

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I noticed it only shows up with some alerts, access to the disk probably isnt one of them. I know I wished for it on few occasions when it wasnt available and I didnt know what to do.

IMO, from my perspective, I was surprised to be (subconsciously?) comforted by the fact that out of 2,000 responses, 94% made the choice that I did for, to my knowledge, rather obscure software.

Or maybe, there is a dearth of “professional” opinions.

That would give a good indication as to the amount of users that Comodo have :wink: (and these are the ones who enabled Threatcast only :))


Lol, me too, you really put it the right way.

Did an update of SuperAntiSpyware yesterday and ThreatCast started reporting that 900+ users performed the same actions that I did…

So far so good.

ThreatCast then reported that only 20 responded yes to a certain SAS installation popup, which caused me to check further, after which I discovered that there was a minor issue with my SAS installation!

I just wish this ThreatCast pulled info down faster from the Comodo servers… :frowning: