Threatcast function function

Thanks for a great product!
I wanted to alert you to a typo in the CIS User Guide, version 3.8.65951.477.
In the Introduction, in the last full paragraph, it states:
"CIS features innovative Threatcast function function by which you can share your responses among the community of millions of CIS users worldwide. "
I thought you might wish to correct this in future releases…
Hey, here’s another one from Understanding Alerts: (than that the)
“Buffer overflow attack occurs when a malicious program or script deliberately sends more data to its memory buffer than that the buffer can handle.”
(If you guys want to hire a proofreader, let me know…) :wink:

I have a paper on the effects of atrazine on North American anuran species that could use a proof read.

this is the funniest thread ever…


I guess no one cares about them poor innocent defenseless anurans.


I can appreciate people with discerning eyes (see my avatar). Good work at catching those typos.
As for the anurans, maybe we can recruit a few to do some proofreading…those wide eyes can surely discern the fine print!

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