ThreatCast + CMF

Simple question! Are these 2 going to be integrated into a next release? When aproximately?

It would be so so so … so great!

Threatcast is already in test fase. CMF will be integrated later (date is not specified yet)


Thank u for your response :slight_smile:

im confused. if is already out, why the is beta

Because that beta came before this final

so the update with threatcast will be a different version?

Threatcast will be integrated (with the traditional Comodo style of having the option to toggle on/off) with CFP sooner or later.

no, i meant with a different version number (3.0.x.x)

I’m a volunteer user, so asking me about dates or version numbers is like talking to the mirror lol

oh, well i guess ill just have to wait then… :THNK


i didnt realise cmf was to be integrated as well, sweet idea!

In the end, everything (security related created by comodo:)) will be integrated in the firewall


cool ;D

Just be patient guys :slight_smile: It will get there!