ThreatCast Beta Launch

Ok we start taking bets now…

When will it be?

Next week?

lets have exact dates and one guess per user pls :slight_smile:

The winner gets a free version of ThreatCast! (erm… yes ThreatCast is free anyway… but hey… )



Today :slight_smile:

Harry (:NRD)

Monday the 24th March. I claim my prize ;D

1st of April aka April Fools day (:KWL)

Maybe the 25th March I think!
BTW:What is ThreatCast ?
Sorry for my poor English!

Looks that nobody is risking an answer; I would have placed a prize on what is it, also :slight_smile:
My guess: some kind of Artificial Intelligence, only it won’t be alien or artificial – it will be human intelligence, joined in some kind of neural network of decision-making.

March 25th, fourteen hundred hours grenwich mean time precisely!!! countdown 10,9,8…


Today? This is earth, not heaven.
Tommorrow? The staff are slaves.
Next week? Sounds Do-able.

consider Easter and On Monday our UK offices are closed…


I still cant find anything about ThreatCast. Anyone know anything about it? ???

Try reading here

Tuesday 25th March, 2008, 9:30AM GMT (Couldn’t be first thing - the Brits would have to have a cuppa before doing anything else).

Ewen :slight_smile:

With 2 sugars and a bacon butty(or is that just in the building trade) ;D


Since quite a few releases come on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if no major obstacle comes into play I will guess this coming Tuesday March 25.

Thursday could also be possible but you want for everyone to see the results and have questions answered as quickly as possible and not wait over a weekend. So I will stick with March 25.


don’t let tuesdays and thursdays fool you, cos this is a forum release… which means it doesn’t have to follow the standard process of tuesday/thursday launches. It could very well be any other day like monday, wednesday or FRIDAY.


Melih someone made a really interesting post on wilders.

I emailed Matousec about testing Prevx and ThreatFire in their Firewall Challenge, and they replied that Prevx doesn't fit their definition, and ThreatFire partially fits their definition, but let's just say they don't have a positive opinion of it. Matousec is due to test the PC Tools firewall in the Firewall Challenge, so I don't want to raise any hackles by posting their full response regarding TF-- unless you think it would be OK.

So, I’m disappointed about TF. What I would really like is if OA or Comodo implemented a system like Prevx, with millions of programs in their database. I want a program that doesn’t ask me questions, but just knows what to do. I also think this makes more sense from a security standpoint, since most people who get themselves infected probably don’t know how to appropriately respond to alerts anyway.

I also asked if they would test OA and Comodo with their HIPS deactivated, since I wanted to run a separate HIPS. They replied that they don’t test products with disabled functionality, and that running two or more security solutions is risky because you might have stability issues or weaken the security of the machine. Also, they won’t test Comodo Firewall 2.4 because the company discontinued support for it except for Windows 2000 users.

Do you understand this system he wants Melih?

Since threatcast tells users how many allowed or denied, what if the firewall would automatically pick the majority of users who picked a certain button and automatically answered the popup if possible? This would be a breakthrough in firewalls and you would be competing with prevx :D.

Ofcourse an option to toggle it on/off would be needed for those who want oldschool :D.

Unless ofcourse this is what threatcast will do anyway according to your hint. (:NRD)

I agree there should be zero popup.. thank to our Patented Clean PC mode, when the user turns their machine on, there will be ZERO popup anyway! Cos it will be a clean machine.. as they start loading software, if the software not in the safelist then it might cause popups..

however, we will solve the ZERO popup problem… the solution is called TC!!!

Coolio, it really doesn’t look like an interesting post imo. Link?

Lets start with the TC and see how we can improve…
we want to aim for Zero Pop up!


THe underlined part…