ThreatCast and Defense+ alerts

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I posted into another thread
just in order to tell about my first impression regarding ThreatCast (TC) and vote.
I mentioned that few things could be bugs despite sure that has to be investigated deeper.

1) Ok, now I started using TC. So probably that is why I do receive Alerts for those programs I did setup rules like year ago. Is it so? I do understand that now there is new Tab in alert but the default Tab is not TC’s Tab. It is the Security Consideration one. And it alerts me about Registry settings which I know are being modified and I allowed that long ago or about New Parent, which is not – it is old geezer I am aware of :).
That is probably not very painful but still better to know. Is that “by design” because TC is in use now or …?

2) This one is a bit scary!

I fired up PhotoShop in order to save image from previous Alert

I may repeat posting picture so you don’t need jumping from thread to thread
PhotoShop invoked & image pasted into it

I got this security Alert, which as I said was answered more than a year ago and I wasn’t ever bothered anymore…
I left it on the screen because I have like 120sec by default and that is enough for anyone for “Save As…” image in PhotoShop. But all of a sudden I got Alert from PhotoShop that Licensing Service found I have big problem: “…You have to reinstall your application… to fix that… Probably you will be able to finish your work this time…“ woW! That hurts!

What I did - I quickly answered Comodo’s Red Alert. I unchecked use off TC in Comodo.
I saved the file in PhotoShop and that was indeed the end of the session with it. PhotoShop closed down after that by itself as promised.

Well, sure I checked how PhotoShop would react after TC was shut down. It worked fine.
Definitely I tested other Adobe CS3 Applications after the incident. With TC Off there were neither Alerts from Comodo nor swearing Licensing Service, which is common to all CS3 Application. All worked as it was before

That’s the thing… Could be worse… But I am not going to use TC at least for a while.

I hope developers will have a look into that

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I have Photoshop too.

And, I also tried to block that “licensing” file, and got the “reinstall” notice. But, I always answer alerts ASAP, because usually the file that is doing the action will stay frozen.

If you just allow the licensing service and check “remember my action” before doing anything more in Photoshop, then I assume you won’t get the reinstall notice anymore.

Hi jeremysbost,

Thanks for reply

My point (& question) was different.

1) that question was answered already as I said a year ago and the rule existed and worked. Therefore there were no no alerts from PhotoShop

2) When I answered that question (year ago :slight_smile: ) I should not be in a hurry. It was normal message which could stay on the screen 120 sec (default time).

3) This message re-appeared again after I choose using ThreatCast

a) It seems there is no correlation between existing policies and pure ThreatCast ratings. Old security rules are ignored and user should reapply them. Why?
b) in any case the timeout for response was ignored as well and that is different to what it should be even if there is a reason for reentering rules.

…as a matter of fact I hope that was clear from this and initial (another referred) post that since TC checked user is compelled to answer many alerts to reapply old rules. “Licensing - timeout” is just additional misfortune (bug as I see it).

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