Threatcast alerts??

Is it just me or is threatcast working again? Reason I ask is becasue I’m testing version 5 and I ran SAS and got two alerts and both of them had a threatcast rating. Anyone else getting threatcast alerts?

Yes it is working for me too! The only thing I did was to check for updates which it said there are updates available and at the time I was running the latest, The update ran for about 2 seconds and said updates completed. The release did not change still at Then ran CLT and I’d say about 80% of pop-ups from D+ and firewall had threatcast info… Don’t know what the update was all about or even if it had anything to do with threatcast…

CIS 4.1…920

No any threatcase info.

it might take time for everyone to get that update or who knows what. Hopefully someone from the dev team or melih will let us know.

I think you meant 4.1…920 and your right there is an update, I reinstalled 4.1 and checked for an update. It said there was one, I updated and it asked for a restart. I wonder what it was.

No update here, and no threatcast. Good to hear it works in version 5. :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right! “920”

with cis v4.1 I have threat cast working(Finally).

I have CIS installed and threatcast its not working and i have lastest vers 4.1…920.

Yeah me too. ??? Wrong with our Computers? ;D

I did see several Threatcast screens with 4.1x.
I haven’t seen them yet with the alpha.

So if i download comodo latest version i should get threatcast alerts and how come they were gone in the first place i’m starting to use comodo again.

Just saw a Threatcast rating with the Alpha.

OMG I’m missing comodo’s alerts , it’s being a while since I saw one ;D thanks to the magic mode or formally " clean PC Mode " , try it out :wink: :smiley:

So, will the Threatcast rating be in Comodo 5.0? I seen it in the version 3.0 and over - But it didnt work there.
In 4.1, its gone for me… ???

So, I ask? Will Threatcast be in version 5.0 and work 24/7? ;D

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Threatcast is alive and well in version 5.0

At least for now.

Haha. ;D

Threatcast just started working for me too

if i may ask do u get threatcast alerts on d+ alerts ???