Threat Cast Vote


I would like Threat Cast Voting to be disabled when the user does not select “Remember”.


EDIT: Otherwise ALLOW/DENY without selecting “Remember my answer” makes it easy to run a program again, and vote again.


That makes two of us.

I think they’re saying to not count “a vote” (e.g. a users selection) if the user chooses not to remember the answer. I’m not sure if TC is working this way already or not. I would hope it is…

Could some one try this? Hope I have explained clear enough.

Explorer is a white listed program. Edit it’s Firewall rule to “Ask” and then perform a search. Take note of the number of times it was polled. Select either Allow or Block without checking “Remember my answer”. Log off, and then log back on. Then repeat a search. Note increase of number of polls by one.