Thought files would get analysed and marked safe/malicious within 15min, not 24h

Should’t it not only take about 15min before we got result if a file is safe or malicious?

Keepass is still running in the sandbox here, and have done so for almost 24 hours so far, and “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files” is enabled

If files also gets analysed if “Enable Cloud Scanning” is enabled in manual scanning, then i have waited since CIS V5 was released, because i did a scan right after i installed CIS.
(or is that only the av database thats used in the cloud there?)

I wish to know the same :-\

Two remarks to this. The promised 15 minutes is not met. Comnodo is aware and working on it according to umesh:

Deeming a file safe is done by human analysts. It can never be done in a short time. That has not been clear from what was told in the period before the final release. Deeming unsafe can be done automatically and should become quicker in time.

i also wish detection time to be as short as 15 min, that would be awesome.

I just think there is a big difference between the 15min, they are aiming to get, and the at least 37hours i have waited so far.

well if you know the file is safe then why give comodo more work. just add the file to your trusted files like it would be if it were submitted.

wasgij6 following is the way i see it.
when the file is submitted to comodo for analysis even though its seems to be safe file (at times its not safe) also when the file is submitted to comodo and they do not find malware in it, it helps other users as welll because when they also checking for that same file, CIS with its cloud computing and threatcast already knows its malware or not. so it helps other users too and also us.
If by chance the file which was thought to be “Safe” file was “malicious” then its not good idea to add it as “trusted file”.

And what will someone who doesn’t have a clue about such stuff? Wait 37 hours instead right? Or just avoid using CIS altogether…

Yep, not submitting the file to Comodo because we know it’s safe isn’t a valid argument. Most users won’t know that. I didn’t know they were analysing the files manually, it certainly would be faster if it was automated (but maybe they have a virtual system which do that at first).

Hi Lasse88,

Can you please provide us CIMA ( link just to see if file is even expected to be detected in cloud?


A user can know that the file he installs is safe. For example some parts of my ATI catalyst were sandboxed, so i put them into trusted manually. Or if it’s some parts of the game or other 100% safe program you used before. If you’re not sure 100% leave it partially limited. It still will be functional but never can hurt your system. And to wait even 5 days is not a big deal to my mind knowing that you’re still protected

Yeah… You can’t promise what you can’t deliver… imho.

Hi Tech,

Promise is about a malware, which is detected by Cloud will be responded within 15min back to client.
We are NOT making promise that:

  1. Every file will be marked safe also if not found malware by cloud within 15minutes, as that’s done after human analysis only.

  2. That cloud is capable of detecting every malware.


Umesh I want to ask one thing. I know it takes time to mark files safe. Today 1 of my app Broadcom in Unrecognized was marked safe & shifted to trusted lists.

I want to know is MS office still not marked safe. Powerpoint & Excel are in trusted lists but Word & Access are still in unrecognized. Tried online lookup but Unknown. Outlook is still Unknown. Wot say…


Hi Naren,

All files from Windows which have Windows signature, are auto treated safe. If they don’t it simply ends up like any other product and needs to be whitelisted selectively.

Can you please tell us version of Microsoft Office you are using?


Microsoft Office 2000

Hi Naren,

Possible to give us file names which you see in Unrecognized Files related to MS Office 2000?


Attached is the screenshot of Unrecognized.

In the screenshot you will see amcap.exe (Webcam), its from iball but the name is shown Microsoft. Is iball a Microsoft Co. or a mistake in naming here??


[attachment deleted by admin]

You have even WinWord in this list! It’s super strange. what office do you have? I use office 2007 and my word opens normally

Thanks for the correction.

So, the verdict of a submitted file is not 15 minutes… but it was what we’re reading in forums…

Sure… We’re expecting the verdict and it’s not the verdict it’s only the detected malware.