Thoughs on CMS

Android 4.4.2 [at] Moto G with latest CMS

Traffic Monitoring:

I have 3G plan with my phone. And traffic monitoring ain’t working correctly (as far as I understand it should work).

I have 3G plan since 2 days ago: 1GB. I did reset everything when I activated it 2 days ago. It’s in fact new phone, so it was 0 anyway.
It shows me: This month: 79MB, but when I go to 3G Traffic Ranking I can see Hangouts 203MB. How can one app use 203MB but my overall use be just 79MB? Ain’t right no matter how I think about it. Might be Upload data only (as Hangout download is 178MB)?

When I check my use with my operator I can see 793MB left from 1024MB.


What’s the reasoning behind showing features that are only working for rooted phone? Normal everyday user wont root its phone as it breaks warranty. There is no mention of need to have rooted phone in Google Play, so this looks like false advertising to me.


  1. With Clean Master I can “Disable” preinstalled apps. That would be nice to have this feature, so I can get rid of Clean Master. And more work for those feature overall ;]

  2. Widget for killing apps from RAM

  3. Add private files/folders (password protected)

Thanks for awesome work guys ;]


Thank you for the feedback!

We are going to look at the problem about traffic monitoring.

I understand your point about root functionality but we all know that there are some other users who uses their phones with root permissions. So, we think it is better to have additional functionality for those users rather then having less functionality for all. It does not have any effect on normal users.

For ideas:

  1. We would consider it.
  2. You can already kill apps with our system optimizer module.
  3. You can put password to file and applications under private space.

Best regards,

Hi thanks for answer ;]

What I mean for root is either: make clear in app desc. what is root/non root functions or make 2 different apps so people wont get confused. I would prefer to have more lightweight non-root app installed ;]

to other things:
2: yeah that’s the thing, that it would be easier to use widget. people are lazy to open app and click through it ;] would be nice if widget /app would remember which apps I wanna kill, which ones I dont want to.

  1. Thanks, I didn’t know that ;]

One more thing:

why can’t I see battery consumption of CMS in Battery settings?

Battery consupmtion list shows the apps in order of consumption. You do not see CMS because it is a lightweight application with full protection :slight_smile: It does not require much of your devices computing power…

Ah that’s sweet ;] Thanks