This won't make me popular.

Let me explain Melih :slight_smile:

My question about Kevin here was also a question about the support in the BOClean forum. When you release a product you can expect a lot of questions about it :slight_smile: Athough everyone is doing their best, Moderators and members, I would rather see a real expert to answer the questions. If Kevin is busy, and I do beleve he is :slight_smile: , why don’t you ask a guy like TonyKlein to be a Moderator ???

Just my opinion :-\

Greetz, Red.

Tony declined due to time was a limiting factor. However, we have ~cat~ on board starting today as a mod. :slight_smile:

I know about ~cat~, and I am sure he will do his best, but he is no real expert :-\

Greetz, Red.

Hey Red,

The moderators are not expected to be the be-all and end-all of support on a given forum. They are there mainly to try and keep things in order, put a lid on any flaming, lock resolved topics etc. As BOClean was new and, AFAIK, none of the mods had used it prior to it being acquired by Comodo, and Nancy and Kevin had an awesome reputation for support, we thought it best to try and get a mod who already had a familiarity with the product while we all got up to speed on it.

Tony declined for time reasons and ~cat~ had been chipping in on the BOClean forums (and others) and his answers seemed to be pretty well received.

Are you tossing your hat into the ring? :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

No I am not :slight_smile: I know what an Admin/Mod is, I am both myself on 3 different forums. But I do beleve a Mod should have something to add to a forum. And although ~cat~ is a great guy, I don’t see what he has more to add than the other Mod’s :-\

Greetz, Red.

He can add time to the other mods lives. :wink: Soya and Litle Mac, in particular, put in a HELL of an amount of time and effort right across the range of boards. All the mods try and cover all boards, but it can stretch us a bit thin. Any contribution ~cat~ makes will be greatly appreciated and if his, or any other mods, answer isn’t sufficient, I’m certain someone will let us know ( ;)) and then we’ll all know for next time.

Ewen :slight_smile:

So we have different opinions :wink:

I think an Expert Moderator is needed if you want want to give optimal support. I even posted a possible candidate last night ( Also a Dutch guy like Tony and me :slight_smile: ), but I deleted that post immediately because I don’t think it is up to me to tell you how to manage your forum and to find the people for it :wink:

I hope you don’t think now I am just a negative guy :-\ I am not ;D I only wanted to share my worries :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Just a note as well, the “expert” or “official” support that you seem to be referring to, ultimately comes through Comodo Support. Although Comodo Staff (not just Kevin) play an active role in the forums, the Mods really fill the role (aside from what panic already noted) of helping resolve day to day issues, configuration questions, etc. When it comes down to issues of programming or coding, actual bugs/errors, BSODs, etc, we will help try to narrow down possibilities to an extent, but will always refer to Comodo Support for all products (all non-Beta, that is); they are the ultimate authority. Once a user is in contact with Support, we encourage them to post the responses here for others’ benefit; if a response is not forthcoming from Support, we can try to “stimulate” that response through our channels as well.

If you have a candidate in mind that you feel would fit the bill (from within the active Comodo community), you are certainly welcome to PM a Moderator, and we will bring your suggestion to Melih’s attention.


Speaking just as a ‘forum participant’ I agree with Rednose… and thats not to say the existing forum support isn’t appreciated… it certainly is by me. (:CLP)
Having said that, getting input from one of the 'programers/developers within the COMODO community would undoubtedly serve as a premium source of stability and confidence.
I only point this out because one common thread I have noticed, is postings by members stating concern about the “lack of support response”.
I also agree with LM. I believe he pointed out that the efforts and answers provided by our existing MODS is very good…things can always be worse…or better :SMLR

There have been various reasons why the Comodo developers haven’t posted in the forums lately, and being busy developing is obviously one of them (:LGH). There are set priorities. I’m sure once new versions of the programs are out, they will return.

No worries Red :slight_smile:

It should probably also be noted, just to be absolutely clear, that the Moderators are not Comodo employees. We are all volunteers (except Soya, who gets paid 3 times what I do).

That said, I don’t specifically disagree that more Staff presence (ie, the Comodo “experts”) would be nice at times. Typically, we (the Mods) can get them to respond if we feel it is warranted; a lot, if not most, of the time, it’s not really warranted to call them away from their workbenches in dark corners (plus, Melih might withhold their food rations for not producing better software…). Sometimes the responses we give are straight from Comodo, coming behind the scenes. So please don’t think that simply because you don’t see them, that they’re not here…


PS: as far as your popularity goes, well this thread is at 129 viewings. It’s growing. Slowly, but it’s growing. :wink:

Ironic. I’m the only mod with the “Volunteer” label under my display nick. But it’s true that I get paid thrice as much: 3 x $0.00 = $0.00.

Yes. They do pop up at unexpected times. I can tell by looking at the last active time profile.

Kevin is back online making an inventory of the issues. Someone must have heard me (:KWL)

Greetz, Red.


Yeah well ~cat~, you can wink at me, but I am not gay :stuck_out_tongue: Support is important with a ( new ) release :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

The idea is that we have 2 levels of support here.

Forums: General networking and configuration questions can be answered here. (Questions without inside knowledge of the products).

Support Tickets: We sometimes refer people to this spot if we cannot solve a problem because it is a programming error, or the answer requires inside knowledge.

Too say that people that post here are not “Experts” is a very general claim, personally i have a qualification in IT and I am still continuing my studies. I have also worked in the IT arena for a short time. Technically I could call myself an “Expert” in IT, i don’t like that term so i avoid it.

What you are asking for in cases that we cannot answer are “Firewall Kernel programming” questions which is a very niche part of programming. Or that we have access to the code of Comodo products. Your question really required both of those points to answer properly.

Firewall and antivirus products in the 2000/XP arena have a myriad of undocumented kernel level API calls. Unless you are employed in the industry, knowing all of these is very unlikely.

In vista, I would have a MUCH better answer because the kernel is locked and they have a DOCUMENTED set of user-mode API calls.

Rednose, I’ve no idea as to whether you’re M or F and the rest was way too much information. ;D
My wink was indicative that your concern had been “heard” down in the “dungeon”.

I know ~cat~, I was just joking :wink:

Greetz, Red.

To Rotty :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter how good you think your organisation is, what matters is how the customer experience you :slight_smile: I didn’t qualify the Moderators or the support as “bad”, but I gave a hint for for a more efficient forum organisation :wink:

Greetz, Red.