This software is offensive

Sorry OP, I totally reject your premise that comodo is offensive in any way. Actually, comodo mostly plays well with three types of users.

  1. The totally ignorant, comodo3 does a great job self configuring as a firewall. OP, If you had less than the usual luck, it means you have something non standard on your computer, but you would (a) probably have equal bad luck with any other firewall. (b) have maybe ignored this forum resource that might help you fix any problems. (c) You ignore the fact that ratings wise, Comodo3 is arguably the best current firewall on the planet. (d) Meaning what do you gain if you find a firewall that gives you no problems but also does nothing to protect you?

  2. The group that have explored some of the real configuration power of comodo, and they find comodo is a geeks firewall with so many configuration options that a steep learning curve is involved. And even more customization and protection then becomes possible.

  3. The real few experts who can say they really have mastered comodo3, and certainly not me. But even that group gets surprised as the comodo programming team keeps rolling out new features.

  4. I too could have given up on comodo3 w2hen it was initially released, it could not do something I needed it to do. But that got corrected in two weeks or so, and its just keeps getting better and better for me.

  5. As a long time computer user, I feel that every time something changes in the computer world, someone will be burned with unintended consequences. Its true for Comodo and every piece of software on any computer. Right now its Zone Alarm’s turn in the barrel, microsoft released a security patch and its a giving zone alarm users fits. Its more of a stuff happens than any indictment of the quality of the software.

that’s your opinion and i respect it but tell me which solution will u use instead?
you don’t understand the documentation but as u seems to be a very experienced user, u should get how comodo works after have a look at all the options and the help of the “poor” documentation".
i’m not heinstein and i learnt to use comodo even if i probably dont use all the possibilities that comodo offers.
if u know a lot about computers or security apps, u certainly saw that comodo is not just a simple firewall and is able to prevent your system from being contaminated by some unknown malware your AV wasnt able to detect.
du u realize the quality of this app that is better than most of competitors products and that for free?
do u know any free app that good? it’s free and it’s the best security solution i know.
just my opinion.
but competitors are facing a *****g huge problem with comodo FW team coders in the place that offer a freeware that beats most of sharewares.
i used other products then i saw that comodo was the best actual solution on xp and vista after various tests.
it’s not 100% perfect but it’s not far and i feel that next build will confirm that.
now about closing topic, as i’m not moderator and if there are no insults that are not tolerable in a forum, i will not vote to close it. but i just read your first post and reply about that. now i’m going to read the rest and if i don’t see words that have nothing to do on a forum, i will not vote to close it.
everyone is allowed to tell his thinking, even if it’s to say that u think comodo is ■■■■,
as i see it’s ■■■■ cause u got probs to configure it and got troubles with your network.
now it’s possible that comodo doesnt work good for you,
but i think an experienced user would never say that on comodo. not even more a coder. take a look at defense+, it’s really a great protection.

i read others replies of posters and to reply like that to this user which got troubles with comodo will not help in anyway.
where is the prob if he thinks comodo is ■■■■? it’s like he insulted your mama or something like that, calm down sirs, there’no fire in the house, it’s better to try talkin instead of saying the poster is a noob,etc.
do u know him to judge like that? that’s stupid attitude, sorry if i hurt some of u. that’s it. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what damon888 wants to do? He wants to make Comodo Firewall work, but is utterly frustrated by it. He then goes to express his frustration while at the same time, trying to defend his ego as an experienced computer user. (multiple times).

I’m sorry damon888, the reason why you’re getting these same types of reactions in forums (not just Comodo), is because of the way you act. You can’t expect people to help you if you violate the “Golden Rule” of life. That is, you treat others like how you want to be treated.

Let go of this “experienced computer ego” and face some humility. Become aware of the fact that you don’t know something and that its OK. Hence, the reason you ask for help. (Why is it so hard for people to ask for help? No one cares of your skill level, as long as you’re polite about asking for help. Humanity has a natural tendency to help others. Its the way we are.)

If you want help, then ask for it. Venting your frustrations is NOT going to solve your problems. Its just going to anger other people. (Deep down, you knew that, as you expressed in your 2nd post).

What is you network configuration?

Are you starting from a freshly installed system?

Are you using the traditional approach of having a firewall/router sitting in front of the network?

Does it use Static IP or DHCP?

What version of Windows are you using?

How are you setting things up? Do you have other AV or security apps running? Have you properly uninstalled them? Cleaned out your registry and removed any left over residue? (use something like ccleaner)

Can you still ping other PCs or the router when Comodo Firewall is running but protections are disabled? etc.

You need to figure out if Comodo Firewall is really the issue and what rule you need to create.

yes u’re right aussiebear,
should be better to expose the problem with details but we’re no perfect and sometimes we post things as we tried to solve our prob for a long time then we post what we think on the moment.
now does this poster still want to try to solve his prob or comodo is definetly not the solution is looking for?

How does the quote go…" There is no such thing as a stupid question". All you have to do is ask. Hell I have been fixing cars for 18 years now and I still don’t know everything.

hé hé yep, we’ll stop learning when it will be time to die.
if u ask for something that seems very simple like how to install comodo,
someone intelligent will not answer : hé man stop using computers, u’re too stupid. but i got friends that never make any effort cause i’m there so they don’t even try to fix their probs which are sometimes so easy, they just know i’m there so why searching by themselves, and it can be very irritating when it’s the 10ème time that he asked u for the same prob in 2 weeks.
anyway, the more u ask the more u learn but don’t forget google, sometimes it’s way faster than wait for help on forums as u’ll get your help on first google link.

This thread will be closed very shortly if there is not an immediate reasonable response. So damon888, Please reply now and let us help you.


I have been following this thread from the beginning.

The OP is a troll.

This Topic has no longer stayed at it’s purpose, To avoid more debates & arguments, I will close this thread.

damon888: If you seek proper help for CFP 3, Post it in help for v3 and we will be more then happy to help you accordingly there.