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I am a very experienced computer user. I was a technology planner for a major state agency and purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of hardware and software annually. I currently have my own business with six networked PCs. I have been testing Comodo firewall and my conclusion is that it is useless. It is way too hard to configure, the documentation doesn’t make any sense, and it is very intrusive. I am not able to access the internet or exchange files on the computers it is installed on unless I turn it off. The “Help File” is useless. It tells me to define a Network Zone so I can then define Stealth something or other so I can define Rules. Excuse me, but I want to use my computers to accomplish actual work. I don’t want to have to read poorly written documentation to figure out how to make something work. I don’t care how good this software is supposed to be. If it is too hard to use, it is worthless. What seems obvious to you people is not obvious to the average user or even the skilled user. You must look at your software from the point of view of real people.
I am not even interested in investing any more time in this crapware. Life is too short and there are too many options. Get a grip.

errr so basically you mean you have problem “creating rules set” for your PCs right?
maybe you can try making similar rules to mine (rule #4)?

Firewall/advanced/network security policy/global rules

p.s. cool desktop theme huh ;D

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I note that this is your first posting on these forums.

It’s unfortunate you have decided to give up on Comodo as your Firewall, as there are literally hundreds of willing helpers here that could have stepped you through the process (and it’s only about 5 steps if you do it manually, for a simple setup).

I would also have liked to discuss what you found difficult about the help file, as well. I, along with almost everyone else I know, find it to be quite well organised and with sufficient information to work out most issues.

I hope you find a firewall that suits your needs and provides an adequate level of security for your business.

See ya
Ewen :slight_smile:

I never understand why people post things like this when they haven’t even posted anything thing before asking for help.

They want it to work with no effort straight out of the box like some do, and are upset when it does not.

Despite damon888 being very experienced and a technology planner, you find CFP worthless. That doesn’t make sense to me as numerous of newbies - sometimes without much of knowledge - comes to this forum for a little help. They get help from great users here, and voila, their CFP runs fine and they learn how to maintain it / answer popups (which get fewer and fewer as Comodo works hard to simplify CFP).


Obviously one of the reasons malware flourishes is because of real people. ;D (If we don’t take zombies in account :o)

Anyway there are other good firewalls out there so anyone can get the one which suits his needs.

How much of an computer expert can you be to not even be able to get a simple firewall like CPF to work for you? I don’t understand this hideous attack to one of the worlds leading security software packages witch is completely free. I don’t know of any good firewall that doesn’t need manual settings to do half the job as good as CPF does by itself. In fact i think; reading your one and only post we have to do with a novice computer user instead of a professional. Your hallering sure does not imply we have to do with someone that knows anything about computers and security. I sure hope next time you first ask how to do some settings on the forum before you start nagging about something you don’t know anything about. Enough people here to gladly help you setting up your firewall, no hard feelings.

Enjoy your stay here and next time just ask.

My deepest respect to Comodo. (R)

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Ignore the troll, he’s just a noob .
(That’s a person who refuses to RTFM because he thinks learning is for losers)

OMG…so true Gordon. 100 to 1 he will never be back to comment. People post things like this and never come back. They think they are to good to ask for help when all of us here help everyone who asks for it. Modders close this.

Let’s give damon888 a chance to reply, then it’ll probably be suitable to close this thread. As long as no specific CFP problems - which we can help damon888 with - are brought up, the thread is not constructive in any way.


Yep, Wait for a reply.

damon888… We are willing to help you accordingly. :slight_smile:


yeah yeah, you guys can wait all the time you want 88)
have you ever think that this super geek reply of mine already solve his problem? ;D


3xist and LeoniAquila, I agree with your reply’s to this person starting this topic. I been with Comodo a little while every since V2.3. Comodo as we know is a commercial company, it vialbility rest upon it ability to sell its products. And with responces like yours, may influence this person to take a look at Comodo’s commercial products and who knows maybe taking a second look at comodo firewall.

This looks like the real world, the guy’s that get to buy stuff never have to make it work :BNC

I expected all the kneejerk responses like “this guy is a noob” etc. That is so typical of online communities, even “friendly” ones like this. My posting was a result of frustration and disappointment. I’ve been through many different security products, and my quest is to find the one that works well of course, but my top criteria is minimal impact on my system, since I use Photoshop, and need all my computer’s resources devoted to that app. I am not looking for a free ride. I am a paying user of several different products on my various machines, which gives me the opportunity to compare them in the real world. I had high hopes for Comodo based on various reviews. It worked OK at first and then I noticed I couldn’t communicate with my file server or access the internet. This happend both at my business and my home office as well on the PCs with Comodo installed. OK, stuff happens, and what I do is the look in the Help file first (which is what I train my employees to do, but they never do). Then I Google around and I often check the forums for answers. I used to write software and I was a Database consultant, so I am used to complicated software and useless documentation. But I have lost my patience with software that doesn’t work, is too hard to use, doesn’t make sense or that has poor documentation.
I can deal with complexity. I just successfully “upgraded” my Dell XPS 420 from Vista to XP SP3 with a clean install on a fast new drive by creating an install DVD using Microsoft slipstreaming and a few different products to pull the hidden files of my XP SP2 disk. The hardest part was finding the correct XP drivers that Dell hides all over the place. I challenge any of you to find the latest SigmaTel audio drivers that allow access to the digital audio features of the 420 in XP.
The point is I am not a ■■■■■. But I know annoying software when I see it. I’m sure it’s righteous at its core, but should I have to go past the Help File to do something as simple as connect to the Internet? Life’s too short.
Comodo’s documentation is “self-referential”. One page sends you to another page for help and that page sends you back where you started for help, like a ping pong ball. Like the documentation for my D-Link router. It tells me about all these cool settings and options, but never tells me what I really need to know which is: What are the best settings for me to use under normal circumstances? What should I do to be safe and still have reasonable access?
It’s great to have lots and lots of options and tweaks available if I want them. Let me tell you that I connect through a router and that I want to share files with other computers in my office, then HOOK ME UP, PROTECT ME AND THEN GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE UNTIL THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM.
One more story that seems relevant for some reason: Many years ago in the early days of Windows, I was a project leader and very proud of our software which allowed remote users to connect to our mainframe using a Windows PC instead of a dumb terminal and to do their job in what we thought was a more elegant and efficient way. We gathered our users from around the state for training in our wonderful new application. I was standing in front of hundreds of fine in DUH viduals showing them how to use a Mouse to point and click and navigate around. A woman stood up and asked: “What is a mouse?”

Thanks to everyone here who offered to help me. If I decide to keep using Comodo I will take you up on your offer! (:NRD)

Damon88, you might want to checkout Comodo Firewall V2.4, which I use. It is a good basic firewall. Pretty much out of the box operation with default settings. Not really any hips here. But I have a seperate hips utility. It will take, maybe couple of days or so to learn. Then no really annoying popups, only from time to time do I get a popup, say like when Windows updates, etc.

Thanks Damon88,
your latest post fill some gaps I was wondering about and you even admitted that your first post was a result of frustration and disappointment.
This forum is a gathering place for all people who use and appreciate a Comodo product, that’s why so many replies were to be expected even though you specified you are a technology planner as your remarks appeared to be represented as unquestionable facts.

Taking out of picture the excesses due to your disappointment I understand your personal opinion that CFP was difficult to configure and that the help file didn’t provide an aswer to your questions.

As for CFP help file file I guess you wanted something like a walkthrough or a problem-solving section while the help file is currently designed against a “What is this” approach.

Some members planned to provide a more detailed user manual (Comodo Firewall - Help for Users written by Users! Volume 1, 2, 3) but that project was soon abandoned.
If someone will join that project again I’m sure that the tips and extended explanations will prove useful to many users.

Anyway IMHO Security itself is somewhat the result of a compromise between training, policies, user behaviours and softwares. CFP itself has many operational modes and even among members usage patterns differ. As there in no single way to achieve security it is difficult to suggest a single way to configure CFP.

The same goes with the difficulties you faced configuring CFP. Every software is designed against some paradigm and end-users will find those softwares more or less easy to use as result of how much that paradigm fits their perspective. IMHO it is perfectly natural to find users that consider CFP difficult to configure. This of course don’t make them newbies nor does it make the people who don’t find CFP difficult less real.

“I’ve been through many different security products, and my quest is to find the one that works well of course, but my top criteria is minimal impact on my system, since I use Photoshop, and need all my computer’s resources devoted to that app.”

And you point is? I ask this, as I am a user that makes extensive use of Adobe Photoshop and CFP never conflicted or stole ram memory. All I had to do when I first install CFP and any other app that I trust, is to add it as a trusted one.

Also, I don’t understand your complains. Being an expert, as you stated you were (sorry if I misunderstood that), then you would have no problems to properly configure CFP to your taste. Or even a way to ask for help without such sort of “first madness” I saw on your first post.

Also, there are so many people that I recommend this firewall to, who do not have that many computer skills, and they all are quite happy with it. When they didn’t know (or don’t know, in case of new users), then they ask to me and if I can’t answer, they will come to forums (to this one or any other where people, including in this case Comodo Staff, are willing to help).

And advanced user such as yourself, once again, would have no problems to figure it out, either by yourself or decently asking for help.

I mean, lets suppose you work as an IT for some company and they got a new firewall product (what ever that is). You seem not to know how to work with it (I believe that you should). Will you go mad at the developers? Our kindly ask for help?


We are giving you all the opportunity in the world to give you a chance so we can help you. This is what the community is here for.