This software is a complete waste of time

Followed the instructions on downloading the COMODO Software and obtaining a digital certificate to the letter, lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that it all seemed to work. Then when I came to try the Outlook/ CMS combination together, Outlook just locks up on the send function, the COMODO activity window pops up and that’s it, I have to cancel and delete the e-mail to be sent, and then shut down and close Outlook in the TM. On restart the same thing happens all over again. Spent ages geeking about the CSE forums try to put the problem right. Pretty disgusted as I have wasted the entire evening fartarsing about with this dog, and am now faced with restoring my PC with all that that entails to an earlier image in order to rid it of all this guff.

Outlook 2007, Vista Ultimate…all fully patched out… nothing unusual…

We won’t be taking this up as an option… good night >:(

Hi, JdeP

I’m really sorry that you spend so much time trying to setup Comodo SecureEmail (CSE).
We are looking into this issue now and will try to fix it soon.
But for speed up the process we need some additional information about this issue:

  1. Can you describe “Outlook/CMS combination” - what is CMS? (Client Management Software from Oncontact Software ?)
  2. What version of CSE have you tried to use?
  3. Why have you restored your PC to the earlier image - have you seen any issue with Uninstallation of CSE?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Eugene.