this just makes everything worse

dont seem to understand this at all,it stops everything,ignores anything i tell it to allow then i get hundreds more “mail delivery service” mails telling me it didnt work,this being due to other end spam walls refusing the requests or being fake spam adresses…im worse off now than just allowing the spam thru as it just doubles/triples ■■■■ in my inbox,.
pointless… 88)

  1. “Stops everything (except from allowed domains/senders)”. Yes, CAS like CIS is default deny. The benefit is spam free inbox.

  2. “Ignores everything I tell it to allow”. Should not do this. I may be able to help if you can give some examples.

  3. “Mail delivery service mails”. This is a known problem. See work-around number 5 on this list:

More generally its important to understand how CAS works - it is not like normal antispam. It works by sending out challenge emails to all non-whitelisted domains/maill addresses, giving them the opportunity to prove they are not bulk mailers. Meanwhile the emails are kept in quarantine by CAS - not in an email client mail box. The benefit of the approach is a totally spam free inbox. The drawback is that people who mail you that are not whitelisted are asked to carry out a 10 second process to prove they are not machines. (There is an alternative mode in which CAS does not send out challenge emails but instead presents mails for manual decision, but its currently only suitable for those receiving low mail volumes).

A drawback of the current implementation of the approach is the number of bugs and design issues. Maybe best to wait for the next version, though many people inc me are using is quite happily and enjoying a spam free life. See the work-arounds list to find out how to do this.