This is what I would liketo see

Hello everyone,
I love Comodo and especially CIS and CSC. In CIS I would like to see the following in the 4.0 update.
I want to replave avast!Home with comodo antivirus. I have C Anti virus in CIS but real time disabled. I still have avast! because I love the real time on it, and how it has the options for P2P and email etc.
I would love to see Comodo create something like it so it is a nice switch. Like in avast when you scroll the mouse over the icon by clock it says, ex 6 out of 7 real time scanners enabled. I loke that and how I can customize each one.
So i would like comodo to add
-Network sheild
-P2P sheild
-Standard sheild
-Web Shield
-Instant messaging
-Internet mail
This would make CIS even better.
Also I dislike how you have to install the toolbar with CIS nt after. Now I want it but dont feel like re installing.

Thanks bestfreepcsoftware

Basically, you want to turn Comodo’s antivirus into a copy of Avast? If you want to hear the truth, all those ‘shields’ that Avast have are pretty meaningless in my opinion. All antiviruses with real-time protection will catch anything before it’s loaded into memory, before it can do any harm at all (assuming that the malware is in the detection database). The ‘shields’ that Avast have will just stop the threat at an earlier stage, but really, it does nothing except for eating resources. It’s like placing an indestructible wall in front of another indestructible wall, you will stop the threat a bit earlier, but you won’t get better result.

Absolutely correct :-TU

I actually don’t like this in Avast…

Simply changing the tray icon displayed from a White Shield to a Red Shield (or something similar) would have the same effect and could provide a better solution. You simply need to notify the user parts of CIS are disabled. I’m not sure how many people would take the extra effort to see if they’re protected… plus you can open CIS and see the summary.

Not turning it into avast. But having the real time of comodo more user configurable like avast is where you can modify each individual shield. Comodo its either on or off. Also I disagree with Avast being bad. I have recently noticed that avast doesn’t pick up much anymore and everyday comodo scan does. But what I about Avast real time is when I visit a site or whatever the shield the deals with that item, you can see the stuff it scans. And t always blocks malicious activity. So I use Avast for real time and Comodo for scanning.

No-one has said that avast! is bad. Just that only one of it’s real-time shields adds any protection to your computer - Standard Shield. :wink:

And maybe Network Shield, if you’re not using CIS :slight_smile:

I agree it needs to be more configurable with the current amount of protection, and if they are scared about scaring non-techies then they should have simple and advanced configuration. I don’t think we need all those shields as long as there is real-time scanning of writes a/o reads.

Its great to hear that you are noticing that Comodo is detecting more than Avast in your experience. We work very hard in expanding our malware database and its encouraging to hear real world users reporting back positive outcome.

as to shield… there are mainly 2 places where malware could live in your PC

1)HD (this includes any other storage devices like USB etc…)

As long as you check both, you are pretty safe from today’s threats. Afterall even when you are reading a web page, it gets downloaded to your PC both to your HD and RAM.


AVAST is well known for having tons of false positives, but if you believe it’s a virus and Comodo didn’t detect it, submit it. :smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean by Comodo not being as configurable. There are three sections AV, Firewall, D+. You can enable or disable all three. You can lower or raise settings on D+ and Firewall. And if that’s not enough, you can go into the settings and alter what their detection and how strict you would like them to be.

yes comodo does find a lot more than avast. I recently took off avast and enabled the antivirus in my CIS.
Works well. And I think we should make a suite that contains CIS and CSC. Like the not so good norton mcafee and kaspesky have. they have bad engines but the right idea. to make an all in one suite for system cleaning/optimizing and protection. Comodo has the right engines and on the right track and catching up/ surpassing others quickly.

I disagree, since an all-on-one suite like that would be bloated :wink:
Keep 'em separate, I say.

Also, Kaspersky’s AV engine is top notch, so I don’t where you got that info from ???

And Comodo’s AV doesn’t find more than avast! (yet ;)).

I know it will soon, though ;D

it will find more on some machines and less on others. Also why in the world, would you pay for something you can get for free, and better with CIS??? Mcafee stinks, norton as well as KIS. Vipre and eset are pretty good. But just get CIS for free. Also I agree now that it would be better for CIS, CSC and CSO (comodo system optimizer-defrag etc) to be seperate.


Ok, I’ll agree with you that McAfee sucks, but IMO Norton has really done a great job with it’s 2009 products.

And (also IMO) KIS is a very good suite. Kaspersky’s detection rates have always been close to, if not the best (I believe that title is currently held by Avira).

But, this is my opinion, and everyone’s entitled to one of those right?

Let’s just leave it as that :wink:

Beanie :slight_smile:

yes everyone has the right to add their 2 cents. I took a look at the MRG (malware reasearch group) testings.
The results showed
asquared-system saved
sophos-system died

there were more fails but they are no namers