This is what Comodo devs and mods deserve for their hard work and dedication

This toy is just amazing, and every dev and mod deserve for Christmas one of these:

What do you say guys?

That does look cool :o

Thanks, I will take the above quote as a compliment. :slight_smile:

What do you say guys?
Every Dentist should have one to help keep the clients/patients mind occupied why dental work is in progress. ;D

Yep that’s right :slight_smile: that was the idea. (CNY)

Well yes and no, this toy is something that create dependency, and you will return at the dentist very often :smiley:

I’ve already received mine. Are you guys saying that you haven’t? ???

Hmmm… Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. :embarassed:

Darn, you shouldn’t have … :smiley:

Don’t forget QA. Ymalyi needs two :slight_smile:


Comodo users as well ;D

It’s very cool 8) :-TU