This is weird - DNS is been blocked

  • The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed:
  • Your Internet connection type (dial-up/cable/Direct connection/LAN etc): Cable
  • Operating system and Service Pack Level: XP SP2
  • How you are logging in to the OS (Admin, User): Admin
  • Other Security applications installed (AV, AS, HIPS etc): Grisoft Free AVG
  • Security related applications which have been removed/disabled before installing CFP: None
  • Security related application which have been removed/disabled after installing CFP: None
  • Detail the problem, such as which applications are running when you have the problem: See below
  • Please inform us if you have created any custom rules: Rules for Emule and Torrents

Yesterday we had an internet outage in my area. Today, things were the same so I called the ISP who assured me thing were OK on his side. I decided to give him the benefit of doubt and see what was going on in my home network. I discovered that I have to set the CPF to Allow all to get the IP address for the names I was using. Somehow, after the outage, Comodo is blocking the DNS resolve process.

Any ideas of what may be going wrong?

Thanks and regards,


OK. It seems that, as allways, the ISP was the culprit. I didn’t do anything and suddenly things started to work again.

Have you taken CFP off of the Allow All setting (back to Custom)?