"This Is the Most Detailed Picture of the Internet Ever"

I thought this was pretty cool, a hacker/researcher created a botnet of 420,000 computers and then created a map for them, link below. ;D

but imo this is the map of the “most unprotected” internet. Because the author uses infection as means to get access, the computers he has access are
1)internet enabled

so to be accurate, this is a sub-section picture of internet that is not so secure.

That’s true I guess, I just quoted the article :stuck_out_tongue: But co-incidentally it’s still the most detailed picture of the Internet, unless you can show a more detailed one? Be it insecure or secure, it’s still the Internet, and while it doesn’t represent the whole of the Internet, it’s still pretty interesting and amazing, in my opinion.

this is drawn using 10Million Facebook connections

It’s a nice image; pleasing to the eye… :slight_smile:

Here’s another couple - there are loads…

The Internet map


Nice ones, very cool.

Edit: Heh, the map doesn’t have thepiratebay.se 88)

These are nice pictures of the internet.

I agree. When you think about the web on a global scale it’s amazing. :slight_smile: