This is starting to get old...

I belive many have seen this problem with CFP, thing is that this has been going on since I used it back in November.

Is there a way to stop this? Its getting quite annoying. anything to shut it up. ???

You can add rules to block and not log these incoming probes under “System”, which you can find under “add/select/running processes” in “Network Security Policy”
Similar for other unwanted traffic you are seeing in the log

Or stick a rule(same as sdeds) at the top of "Global rules" if you dont have a rule for system.

Without knowing what the Source & Destination IPs are (in terms of LAN members, broadcasts or the Internet) I think it is difficult to tell.

The UDP 68 to UDP 67 looks like a Bootps broadcast, assuming the Destination IP is Where as the UDP 137 looks like the NetBIOS Name Service (aka. Windows File Sharing), assuming the Source & Destination IPs are LAN members. This being the case, silently blocking the LAN member(s) would probably be easier (assuming that’s what is required).