This is Google Chrome


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What’s your opinion about it ?

I think Google Chrome OS is only for the netbooks.
(web games, internet surfing, some office works etc)
It’s extremely unstable and slow now.(we can use only limited functions)
It will be better performance in the next year.
I don’t think it can against MS Windows 7.

I’m sure it will move from netbooks in the future… early days. Big task to undertake.

I’m unsure if Google is really serious about it?? maybe it’s somewhat of an experiment…with the whole cloud OS thing ??? ???

Google is really serious about it.
Their experiment was this.
Many people can think the purpose of Chrome OS is the prior occupation of cloud computing market.
But the problem is … MS is the occupant.
It’s not that easy to have the acquisition by occupancy.
Becuase there is Microsoft Product Roadmap for the future.
Google knows about it.
So Google is focusing on the Mobile device(including netbooks),
SSD for Chrome OS.

Google’s tactic is good for the future.
Hey MS! eat desktop market, we eat Mobile device market first.
And then we will bite into your market in the future soon.
Including Cloud computing market!!

Retail version of Chrome OS will be at the beginning of next year.
It will be loaded into netbooks at the mid or end of next year.

Well IMHO netbooks are ■■■■ ;D

I agree with you.

But girls love netbooks…
They always say cute~~~~~so cute~ ;D ;D ;D

They are cute.

To look, not to work on 88)


GANDA is so cute too. ;D ;D ;D

I’m running android on my phone - and I must say - it’s a beauty. It works much better than the previous Java based catastrophies I’ve been running on mobile devices. Even better than IPhone (which I returned to the Vendor) and Windows Mobile.

My current HTC works better than any phone I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried several.

android is a google OS for mobile devices, I think - I actually, hardly know anything about it - funny. It must be because it really works so I never needed to check up on it, I think I’m gonna do that now

Who says Android is bad ? It’s a fully fledged OS for a phone. Chrome on the other hand is meh (at least for me)

Google is probably ahead of times when basing its OS on cloud computing.

I think it’s funny that Google complained when MS bundled their browser with their OS, but it’s OK for Google to bundle their OS with their browser.

At least MS don’t try and tell me what type of hard disk I can use. :smiley:

Hey Cocktail. I think you should have a look at this.

If you need to talk after it has sunk in …I’m a good listener. Okay? Stay sharp.

Google says a lot of things. Facile dicto, difficile facto :wink:

I thought that too… But if you think about it it’s necessary cause of how the OS is based on cloud… I guess firefox etc wouldnt work how they want it.

ON an SSD disk any modern OS will boot in 10-15 seconds. Or even faster. But it will have so much more power than Chrome.