This is a Must Have Item - Not working in FF2 - YES IT IS - With help here!!!

Installed the Verification Engine, V Icon is in System Tray.

Open web page to test, but no Green Border [it is still set to the default Green in Options].

What have I missed?

It worked for me, but not until i clicked somewhere on the page. Just an empty spot, not a link. Then i got the green border when i rollover the logo.

Hi AOwL™ many thanks for your response.

I left clicked all the blanks spots I can find, previously tried right click to see if there was anything relevant in the Context Menu. Rolling/Hovering over the PayPal logo and the other logos near the bottom of the page produce zero response. In IE7 the same actions produce the goods.

I assume the latter means that there is nothing blocking the Verification Engine in Comodo Firewall or Prevx1.

Please don’t make me use IE7, FF Rules but without VE [for me at least].

I have just “found” the Verification Engine listed in FF2 - Tools - drop down list, clicking on VE an “About VE” window appears. I do not know if it was a result of clicking on the OK button, to close this window, but VE has been activated. Opening it again and clicking on the “Comdo CA Ltd” link took me to that site and hey presto Green is all around. (:CLP)

Perhaps this should be listed as the “Test” site? now responds with THE Verification.

Sadly most of my requirements are UK based, so I guess it will depend on whether the site owners have accounts with Comodo, e.g.

does not respond (:SAD) no matter what is clicked/opened/whatever.

If there is a list of sites available, that are signed up, please point in that direction.

Barclay didn’t work on the first page, but when i clicked log in at top, and the next page showed the green border when i rollover the logo and the address+lock at bottom status field.

It doesn’t depend on if they have accounts with Comodo.

You can add sites yourself in the thread,69.0.html

Thanks again AOwL™, still cannot workout how it failed to work first time around. It might have been that as it was near the top of my Favourites it was tested prior to VE “switching on” or whatever when it did start to function on my machine.

It seems that some sites do not make full use of system, there is certainly a wide variation in deployment. IMHO Sign In pages are a must for verification but there a few large financial organisations without verification on these pages.

However the web is getting Greener, thanks to Comodo, and I for one delight in being privileged to use VE. Mr Comodo and Team please accept a well deserved standing ovation (:CLP) :BNC (:CLP) :BNC (:CLP) (:HUG) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Working in CPF to resolve an issue, I decided to reinstall the Firewall not fully appreciating that VE was a Plug In. So VE got removed along with CPF.

Being in slow and sure mode, brought on by the desire to properly sort my CPF issue, I was able to note the finer points of the VE re-installation. What installation? Blink and you might miss it. There is practically nothing to be done giving even more chance to stay sharp and observe.

At one stage in the process the VE installer may be aware that there is a browser open and enquires if it is in order to close it. If you answer Yes [it is in order to close the browser] and that browser is Firefox 2 [cannot say if this applies to IE as I only use IE7 to update Windows, and that is only because Bill won’t let you play updating Windows if you don’t use IE, so there]. Having clicked Yes the installation proceeds WITHOUT closing the FF2 browser.

The outcome is that until that browser is closed and reopened VE will not function, in that browser. Also the FF2 - Tools - Verification Engine menu item will not be found. It has nothing to do with clicking on FF2 - Tools - Verification Engine and then clicking the OK button of the “About” Window as I suggested above.

The foregoing applies to Verification Engine Plug In

Thanks for your input Not So Naff.
If you don’t use V-engine in IE 7, you can turn off the autostart of it in start/run/msconfig/autostart. I have done so, and it still works in FF 2.

Hi AOwL™ I try to complete “the story” so that the Forum contains answers where possible or at least still has a begging bowl out to catch the knowledgeable members eyes.

Thanks for this information, I like to keep the System Tray as empty as possible, but will hold off implementing it for a while. My bank [actually a Building Society] have a problem with FF2 at the moment which prevents me from accessing my account. So IE7 does have a little more use than normal at present. The last glitch I reported to them was with IE and that only took them nearly six months to officially recognise and inform customers.

[any chance of a Glowing Green Smiley, you guys at the back?]

Firefox has a similar program called Spoof Stick which actually shows you the name of the site you are on. I see no need for VE if you have this simple extension.

Spoof stick?
Never heard of it…
I will check it out later on…