This is a malicious website?

Hi brohers i have to buy comodo pro now and its great, but because dont have a antipishing i use a third party plug in for my browser, i decide to use gdata cloud security (like mcafee site advisor or bitdefender traffic ligth). The program have a test website to see if you are protected againts pishing atacks i ran this test on ie and works fine but in firefox the plug in are inactive and says “You not are protected because gdata pligin are inactive” I decide to use bitdefender trafic ligth on firefox and it says this site are malicious. I am worrie this site not only a test and are a malicious website i will post the site and the virus total report. I hope you help me to determinate if it is realy malicious.

And to geek buddies thats not a gdata product that is a test site for antipishings not a product like you say.

The site

The comodo site inspector report

virus total report

Note i am using comodo dns and higest seetings to sandbox and firewall and the hig euristic whith antivirus

I hope you answer soon and thank you very much, happy parties

Hello! Gdata cloud security only works in the IE I think. Bitdefender traffic light tend to be over-protective at times. If your AV didn’t detected anything you are safe. As the malware would inject itself into your system and the AV would hopefully react.

Oh and this site: belongs to GDATA it is used to test GData cloud security. I used it myself. It’s safe.