This install does not support target platform?

I using CIS 5 on Windows Server 2012 but I cannot install CIS 6 on Windows Server 2012?

As the message states. CIS was neither built nor tested for the Windows Server platform editions.

There are reports CIS could work on Server editions but mileage varies.

If you really want to try it you must find the .msi that this .exe extracts, the .msi won’t have the limitation afaik.

I have successfully installed CIS on Windows Server 2012 but not fully compatible. COMODO Killswich not working:

any help. Thanks

No, not really.

If you choose to run the software on an unsupported OS, you’re pretty much on your own.

COMODO Killswitch is based on open source Process Hacker??


Not any more. It used to be.