This has to be a false positive.

From time to time CIS latest beta reports that certain files are infected with:


Now this usualy happens when I am either installing or removing a program. I assure you my system is clean. I run Malwarebytes and Emsisoft once a week or whenever CIS says I am infected. I also have a handfull of standalone AV programs.

Everytime CIS pops up with an infection notice I take the file in question and upload it to Virus Total and it always, with the exception of Comodo, comes back clean.

I have subbmitted ever single file it has found with that virus and I hope you can find out why it is reporting this.


Comodo Staff will reply soon and update you, they’re usually quick to get FP’s sorted. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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Hi devnulllore,

Please try to follow these steps and verify if the issue is still present:

  • download the latest bases.cav on your computer;
  • restart in safe mode, navigate to “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\scanners” and replace the existing bases.cav with the one previously downloaded.
  • restart your computer to normal mode and verify if the files are still detected.

If issue is still present after taking previous steps, please provide us the following details:

  • version and platform of operating system;
  • CIS non-default settings (the ones modified/adjusted by you)
  • what other security products you have installed that are memory resident
  • other details you might consider relevant to this matter.

Thanks and regards,

Before a program drives you “mad”, change the program.
Choose a good tested (free) antivirus. Make comodo defense+ on paranoid or safe mode. And have fun with your computer.

Or this :slight_smile: