This happens constantly scanning

This happens constantly scanning although Internet connection
това се случва постоянно при сканиране въпреки че има интернет връзка

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hi ,thanks for you told us this ,now ,can you connect the cloud server ?

Unfortunately not all right

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This is happening to me as well…

But it’s happened since I got the new version

The last update - version 1.1.386793.166 - has fixed this problem, it connects automatically.
So all is well…

Hello, I am new to CCAV and just installed Build 1.1.387596.183
I also got error like described in this thread.
However restarting CCAV Service did NOT fix the issue for me and also rebooting did not fix it.
Maybe Cloud Servers are REALLY offline currently?
Uninstalled CCAV and will wait for some time for the product to mature…

I was given THIS FILE but no instructions on what to do with the buggy Cloud version. Install over Cloud? Remove Cloud first?

Semicodin, please don’t crosspost. You have asked this question on three different places.