this goes out to josh (3xist)

hey man soz i missed some trainning lessons. feel bad… r u still gonna help us grade? im off bro

Josh has friends??? ;D

bump for Josh.

Can’t be helped… You are probably sick of the amount of training days and hours to keep up with me. You will never keep up. 5 Days training a week starting next year. Bring it on!!! And yep I’ll help you for sure don’t worry.

Hope you feel better soon mate. Merry Xmas to you! :slight_smile:


josh who? ??? there’s no josh here ???

Whacks on.
Whacks off.


Only kidding Josh - couldn’t resist. >:-D

It’s Wax.
Your the only Whack. ;D

It was a Karate Kid joke, Kyle. :smiley:

Welcome to the whack-job club, save you a seat. :wink: