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It is rather an unfortunate feature of this forum that if you happen to forget to log in before trying to make a posting, you lose the posting that you have prepared when you try to submit the posting.

Hi Mafk6n9i,
A work around for the problems you are having could be to prepare your replies using a general text editor (Notepad) then copy/paste into your replies when ready.

P.S. I noticed in another topic that you wanted a function to check for your own posts that have had no replies yet.
To look at your own post go to your profile at the top of the page, and then in profile info left side or additional info at the bottom you have show post function.

Hope this helps from Captainsticks.

Thanks for your advice.

I have adopted the workaround. It does of course only work so long as I remember to use it, which painful experience has probably achieved for the time being. It does seem a little harsh to destroy the work of the user just because a login is required, and no doubt eventually I will eventually suffer it again when I next forget to use the workaround. I am also getting lots of error messages that I must try again because my last post was ‘less than 1 second ago’, which it was not.

I have found the list of postings. It is not the list of topics that I supposed might be there somewhere but will suffice well enough.

Sorry to hear of the issues, just out of curiousity what browser are you using and have you tried a different browser on the forum??

I am using Internet Explorer 8, and have yet to use any other browser on the forum. I am having great difficulty with getting this to post - I keep getting the message that I posted less than 1 second ago.

It might be worth adding this site to compatability view mode under tools and reload.

Thanks. No further problems so far.

When you get to your posts (Via Show posts in your profile) you will see the location at the top of each post, just click on the end of the location and that will open the topic location.


Another wrinkle is that if I click on the helpful link in the emailed reply to go to the posting, in order to reply I have to login and then when I log in the posting is closed and to return to it I have to go back to the email in order to get back to the posting. Not a big issue, but it could usefully be smoothed over.

Ps Compatibility view mode seems to have fixed the posting difficulty.

Glad the posting issue is working properly.

One way around your other problem would be to login to the Forum home page first, then your email link should open in a new tab with full functionality.

Thank you. Yes. It is only a matter of convenience.