This Firewall Needs Ontop Activity When Lauching 3d Games

As the title say it need it so bad,its really getting on my nerves now apart from this little gripe its wondefull so please can you add this simple thing that most if not all other firewalls have.

Its not a problem with all games but some just hang and wont load,ive tried adding the rules in application monitor but it doesnt always work so please sort this little thing out otherwise ill have to go back to my old firewall which would be a shame.


One of the problems with games is if they use Safedisk4.X.X for protection, the protection routine writes and executes a small file each time it loads. This small file is given a random name each time it is generated. How does a firewall cater for randomly named files?

Please bear withComodo while they work on this. It’s not as simple as it seems.

Ewen :slight_smile:

one of the best things comodo did was make the popup a dragable window… with multiple monitors, I never miss a popup!