This deleted a large number of my files when installed

I am upgrading to windows 10 tomorrow on my work computer after having it on my laptop for a month. I always back up my data before things like this so I downloaded this program to do so. I installed it to E:/Programs (my second drive) and it deleted EVERY OTHER FILE IN THAT FOLDER. The folder went from being a few hundred gigs down to 0 bytes with 437 folders after uninstalling comodo so it wouldn’t destroy anything else. It deleted most of the folders, but not all of them (thought it did delete the contents).These files are no where to be found including my trash bin.

To replicate: fill a folder full of items (i.e. E:/Programs), install directly to that folder (I accidentally continued without making a sub “Comodo” folder like I meant to).

If this has happened to you DO NOT WORK ON THE DRIVE IN QUESTION. You want to preserve the sectors as much as you can. Download piriform Recuva and use that on the drive to retrieve anything you can. I suggest going into the settings of it and setting it to recover paths as well (so you don’t get 50k files in one folder, it will rebuild the path like E:/Programs/Adobe CS6 Install). You most likely won’t get it all back and may have to repair installs or lose some important data, but it is better than losing all of it to this cannibalistic program.

Anyone know of a different backup program that is good and won’t try to destroy 300+ hours of work when installing? I won’t even attempt with this one as I can’t trust a program that is supposed to protect my data but instead deleted everything I wanted to protect.