this damn thing wrecked my internet connection

For starters, been using Comodo Firewall a long time, without any problems, and love the latest version to bits. Decided to give Comodo AV a try, having been disillusioned by the progressive lack of control users get with AVG free.
Downloaded it from the Comodo home page, and installed. On rebooting the pc, CAV crashed. It then took out my internet connection, stopping somehow the pc and the cable modem from talking to each other, and resulting in me not being able to get a new ip assigned to the machine. 2 hours later, and ten quid lighter after having to go call Virgin Media to get this sorted out, I am studiously LESS than impressed with this program. To add insult to injury, I then had to spend a further hour after i got my connection back going thru the registry with a toothcomb, cos CAV refused to totally uninstall.

Forgive me if my offer up for a solution is wrong in any way… I’m not exactly a computer know all…
Is there any possibility that you can still perform a system restore to immediately before you installed it?
It ‘should’ restore the registry at least to what it was before the install. Hopefully this offers up an extra option if the cleanout you did isn’t completely successful.