This correct that Rule??

Folks, this is my rule for the Azureus and would like to know if it is correct … I can only doubt is whether ALLOW TCP or UDP IN or OUT - OR - ALLOW TCP or UDP IN ??
n summary I leave only in Direction IN or can only IN/OUT??
PS: Sorry for baaad english (:TNG)


looks ok, you could narrow on own ip, but with subnet looks good, might have azerus app top,
so the port is covered basicly, and other “apps/ virus” need prompt for.

now dont erase all, look for thread how back rules in v2.4 there you might edit it.


PS: to check out ifs a udp port might not likely or a tcp, look in your log section in comodo

or make it foolish, allow once udp once tcp once both.



IN/OUT rules are tricky. This is because the Source & Destination elements change (reverse) depending on the direction of flow. I would leave it as in IN rule only. If you find you do need the OUT filtering, then create a 2nd rule to deal with it.

Thanks, guys! (:CLP)