This catagory.

This place on this forum, or the Dragon product itself
is not shown on most of the Comodo product pages.

I’ve seen it a couple of times, but mostly there is no
listing for Dragon.

Steve …

Do you have an example of this?

CD is shown here

Easy one …

under live pc support, select all free products

Dragon is not there.

And this is probably the first thing a newcommer
to the site would do.

Steve …

This might be why this place in the forum
is so inactive having only 10 threads.

Thank you. I will go ahead and report this first thing in the morning to our Web Dev Team.

Tell them this:

The problem may not just be Dragon.

All appropriate products should appear in all appropriate pages.

There could also be multiple copies of a page in different locations.
This is not a good idea. But all must be checked.

That should cause them some frustration.

Blame it on me, just send them a copy of my message.

If you want to hear a story, I will be glad to tell you about
“me and my stock broker” against “bank one”.

Per request, my name is now in a comment statement in
some of their source code.