This bypasses Comodo defense + and sandbox!!1

Just telling my friend why comodo is the best and it stops everything, and as i was testing my first piece of malware ever slips through comodo! Sandbox missed it and defense +
- removed link - Josh

that is the link, dont think i should be posting links but whatever… test this please mods!

btw once its on your pc it shuts down cfp.exe


I removed the malware link from your post. Pls in future do not post public malware sources/links. I have the link in my hands at the moment.

I just tested this, and so far, no infection signs and/or system malfunction has occured. Can you post your operation system etc and full details of infection observation info?


Can you post a virustotal, CIMA, and Anubis report?


What configuration was CIS set to? Also, like Josho said the more information we have the better we can evaluate what happened.

When i download it, it comes up with a mini calculator and has a forgien language written on it.

its from malwaredomainlist and the virustotal report is 1/41 only esafe catches it.

I have proactive mode, sandbox on, detect installers unchecked.