third time uninstalling comodo

I am using windows 7 64bit RC, its third time comodo makes me uninstall it !
when it upgraded to latest version every time any program starts it keeps asking me question, i checked remember my answer but it keeps asking ! so i install and reinstall and it goes fine
now suddenly when i was working with my computer , all of my programs stops responding ! makes me restart my computer , then windows takes a long long time to boot, when it start cpu usage was at 100% !!
i saw that cmdagent is using 100% cpu !
i couldnt find a way to fix it. so i uninstalled it again, now i dont have any security program i dont know if i reinstall it again will it happen again or not !
beside it i have 128kb internet connection which makes a long time every time to update the database !
please help :frowning:

Please follow the following instructions:

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