Thinking bout upgrading CPU and need some help.

hello ;D I have a Intel (Grant County) RC410 Motherboard ( ) That currently has a Pent. 4 3Ghz proc. on it. But I am wanting to try and upgrade to a dual core so I can play some more CPU intense games without lag. the motherboard supports 800/533 Mhz FSB and I found a Pent. D 3 GHz dual core on ebay and was wondering if anyone thought this would be a good idea or if it would even work? I’ve never messed with processors and dont have that much knowledge on them so any help is appreciated.

Uhhhh… Mumbo-Jumbo. 88)


Yeah too many words (:SAD)

Just get something that doesn’t contain Vista or at least have an XP CD with you to reformat just in case

Too many words? never. ;D

I was just going to upgrade the CPU to a possible dual core not buy a complete new computer? ???

Alright. Asked my Tech Support and they said a Pentium D Dual Core will work with my Mobo so I am going to close this thread. Also down side to that is if the mobo dies now it wont be under warranty >:( just PSU and HD. :■■■■

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