thinking about upgrading my CPU

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have a AM2 Sempron 3000+ cpu, (1.61 Ghz)

may i ask what benefits would I see and gain if I was to upgrade my current Cpu to either this one

ATHLON 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHZ SKT AM2 2X1MB FSB1000 65 MfgPart#: ADO5000DOBOX | Quick Find: 2674 ATHLON 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHZ SKT AM2 2X1MB FSB1000 65W PIB
Or this one
ATHLON 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHZ PIB SKT AM2 2X1MB FSB100 MfgPart#: ADO5200DOBOX | Quick Find: 2675 ATHLON 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHZ PIB SKT AM2 2X1MB FSB1000 65W
I would most likely purchase it from here

I mostly use my PC for burning DVD movies and currently it takes about 2 and a half hours for the software to convert a movie file and about 40 mins to burn onto a DVD 8x speed disc.

I also tend to multitask alot, like i could have a p2p app running in the background while I am watching a movie online, just various examples of what I tend to do :slight_smile:

So I would appreciate all the feedback I can get about what advantages besides having a faster speed cpu would I gain from moving from a single core cpu that I have to one of those Dual core Am2 cpu’s

also some other advice I would appreciate is would it be best Reinstalling WinXP from Fresh if I upgrade my CPU to one of those. all the feedback I can get would help me make my decision on whether it would benefit me greatly to replace my CPU :slight_smile:

I use Winxp Home Edition 32 bit version if that helps and all my apps are 32 bit applications



The benefits? Well of course… better performance.
And may I suggest to upgrade you DVD writer too.
…along with the burning software, I say.

And be remind, that boosting your PC’s overall performance, is not always about upgrading the processor. Having additional memory might come in handy.

Hi Wisanggeni,

I have 1mb of ram it should be efficient and my page file I have at twice the size because whenever I use any photo editing software alot it tends to primary use the pagefile alot and thats the only time my memory and pagefile is used the most. plus my mobo only has 2 memory slots. For me to add more memory than I have already I would have to replace both 512mb sticks.

my dvd rewriter i bought a couple of months ago it can burn DVD-R and DVD+R’s upto 21x speed and is a lightscribe DVD-rewriter, i tend to use 8x speed dvd-r’s though because i can get them in bulk costing £11 for a pack of 50 :slight_smile: … I burn alot of dvd movies. i use nero only for dvd-rw discs now and DVD flick for burning my movies since its been really good :slight_smile:

a few things I’m a bit wear of though, is will either of them dual core processors perform fine with WinXP home edition 32 bit? I’ve done a few looking around at information and posts and from what I’ve read is one group of ppl say yes Dualcore is supported in Winxp home edition, while another group of ppl think it isn’t and won’t run well :-\

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I see you have sufficient memory, then. Good for you.

And about the work or not work Dual Core on XP Home; just say goodbye to those negative comment.
Supported or not, Dual Core will double the speed your PC’s overall performance. …most of the time, I’ve notice a computer’s performance, by doing a simple copy/paste procedure; from HDD to USB Flash Disc 2.0, back and forth.
When you get your hands on a Dual Core processor, you’ll notice a significant speed at those transfer rate.

If you have the money to buy the processor, then buy it.
Everyone’s is going to that direction, anyway. …sooner or later…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess whenever possible I like to research about something alot when it comes to my own computer, before I make a decision on a new important upgrade. I came across a webpage on AMD’s official website, they state their dual core cpus are fully supported on WinXP home edition with SP2

the one thing I’m dreading is removing the heatsink from my computer, because the stock heatsink I’ve got is almost impossible to remove without tremendous force :-\

my current cpu I would say performs well, like right now I have a DVD movie burning to DVD-R and have FrostWire running in the background and am web surfing, of course though there is a fair bit of lag, if a Dual core would allow me to do all that and more without any lag then for me that would be worth upgrading my CPU and foregoing the hassle of resintalling winxp and over 100 software back again and having to retweak windows and my system.

I was planning on purchasing the cpu if anything this weekend, but I have two PC’s and a wireless connection and wireless printer to install and configure for a client this weekend.

I appreciate the feedback and I will defintely upgrade my cpu to a dual core when i get the time to
another thing I’m keen on getting is a 750GB usb external HD, I have 2 hard disks with plenty of storage space but an external HD would be great to store all my movies on :slight_smile:

I guess you have already checked, but if not, you should make sure that your motherboard supports the new CPU.

Hi Ragwing,

Yeah I checked on the manufacturer’s website for my motherboard, it supports them cpus, it said G2 stepping, I wasn’t able to find out what stepping them two cpu’s are but the rest of the information about them matches up.

Woot, sunday i had to install and setup two brand new PC’s for someone and an advanced router and wifi printer. that was the major things i had to do. plus had alot of programs and security settings to do after setting up a group network via all 3 networks for them.

I spent 10 hours at theirs doing all that :o lol

but was all good and i got paid well for it :slight_smile:

I will upgrade my cpu soon. i’ve decided to go for the AMD dual core 5600+ a little more power than the previous two plus I didn’t realise that my mobo supports only certain steppings for each cpu. so this one my mobo will support and has been tested by my mobo manufacturer ECS

I can’t wait to upgrage my CPU, after seeing what a difference dual core makes on those PC’s i installed, setted up and configured yesterday.

I will be advising that client to install and use Boclean after they get accustomed to their new PC’s and setup they’ve never used Vista before, so i’d rather they have only necessary simple but powerful free security softwares. like AV. 1 anti-spyware and for now vista firewall is enough for them since they have an advanced firewall router and i made their network very secure :slight_smile:

alot I’ve managed to do i owe to Comodo forum, because I’ve learnt a fair bit on security and setups from this forum.

So thanks (V)


i went and did it i upgraded my cpu to a dual core to that 5600+ and i’m very impressed by it :slight_smile:
i also purchased a 80gb sata II HD to use for just windows, but no matter what i tried winxp install would still say it needs to install some system files to my primary ide hd. suposedly my mobo is suppose to just work with sata and ide hd’s mixed, anyway i gave up and ended up with windows on not c:\ lol but its working alright its just not on the usual drive letter, and my sata its set up but not for windows as i planned instead am gonna use it as extra space.

if i had known this was gonna happen i would have plumted for a bigger gb sata hd. but i guess it don’t matter i have plenty of storage now with 2 big ide’s and now that extra little 80gb sata lol.

I still have loads to install and to tweak and customise my system to how i like it, but i don’t mind :slight_smile:

thanks Wisanggeni , you was right the dual core does make a BIG! difference :■■■■