Thinking about testing Comodo Firewall, but had a few questions first.


I have heard alot about Comodo Firewall recently. So I just had a few quick questions of the top of my head I was wondering about, before I decide if I’m going to install it or not.

  1. Does Comodo Firewall allow for MAC address filtering in its rules?

  2. Can you filter by TCP Flags in the rules (FIN, SYN, RST, PSH, ACK, URG, CWR, ECE)?

  3. Is there the ability to select all ICMP types/code in the rules?

  4. ICMP pseudo-stateful inspection?

  5. Ability to view the Stateful engine’s state table details in real time?

If anything above is not available yet, is there any chance that it will be in the not so distant future?

Thank you.


1- MAC filtering is being implemented and will be in 3.0 release along with sme layer 2 filtering.
2- No. TCP flags can not be filtered with a rule because it can cause breaking of stateful inspection
3- yes. Network monitor will allow you to do so.
4- No. It applies some basic ip request/reply checks. Does not perform further check on personal computers.
5- Nope. State table is not exposed to user.

Good luck,

Thank you egemen,

Its good that you will include MAC address filtering capabilities in 3.0.

Hopefully Comodo will spend even more time in the future on improving its packet filtering capabilities/stateful inspection. It sounds to me like there is still more work that needs to be done.

Will watch Comodo in the future and hope for better things to come outside of just leaktests.