Thinking about installing CD...

So I’m thinking of trying out the Dragon browser. Is there anything (bugs, issues, etc.) I should know/be concerned about? How about the install size/efficiency and compatibility. One more thing, is this going to continue to be a staple of the COMODO product line or go the way of some other products seem to have gone? Any feedback will be appreciated. ;D

Added: I noticed that CD is 1 version 3/4 behind Chrome. How long will this be the case?

Dragon is based on Chromium version 3, so it supports themes but not extensions. Abdulhayoglu said he expects Dragon to update to Chromium version 4 before the end of March.

Comodo versioning will almost always be different than that of Chromium/Chrome.

Which can only be a good thing! To the OP, install it and give it a go… :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I might as well give her a try.

Give it a try! I did and have never seen pages load faster! CD rocks! ;D :-TU is a trustworthy Web site, but Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu sees it differently. "My goal is to secure end users. And if that means I need to put a message saying that this site is unprotected because [it doesn't have] a validated certificate...then I will."


OK, I’m trying it too.

Here’s another thread people might be interested in after reading that…

Yellow padlock is losing its trusted status :frowning:

I appreciate that link, I have seen a couple more but you have inspired me to post another thread. God save us all! ;D

I like it so far. :slight_smile:

I’m testing it out in Sandboxie.

I don’t think it will take me much to switch to this from Chrome. It’s pretty much the same.

How do we check for updates? Or is there a Release Notes page I can scan with WebMon to watch the version text?


Not sure, I have CleanSofts Update Notifier along with File Hippo Update Checker on my PC, I also use Secunia here and there. Have you seen any Dragon updates on any of these? It may just be a “tune into COMODO type thing”.

Okay, I installed Dragon…where is the “bookmarks/favorites” tab?

Please don’t tell em I have to got to the menu every time… >:(

Hi J2897

Click on the red spanner icon (top right) and then select “About Comodo Dragon”. This should tell you whether CD is up to date or not.


It’s a bar or a drop down. From the Tools menu (Wrench Icon), select “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” and you can add bookmarks to there.

It does, but there’s no ‘check for updates’ option. I know it checked automatically, but I’m just hoping it doesn’t download/install them automatically; the way Chrome does.

People using Sandox Software like me, end up downloading and installing the browser updates every day for a whole week, or until I disable the Sandbox for a couple of hours to update all of my software.

No, it doesn’t. We presently don’t use the same algorithm as Google does for passing on updates.

People using Sandox Software like me, end up downloading and installing the browser updates every day for a whole week, or until I disable the Sandbox for a couple of hours to update all of my software.

Chrome updates are so small anyways with their new compression algorithm. It’s nothing to cry over. I use the nightly version of Chromium and Chrome v5 (dev channel) and the updates are FAST. Hardly every day updates.

Firefox nightly/beta updates are so annoying. When Firefox takes on an update, you have to download the WHOLE app (nearly 11MB)! With Chrome, updates are less than 2% of the total file size if you were to re-install the update. This approach is far better than any other offering out there today.(It’s what Linux Package Managers should use but don’t) Chrome doesn’t update unless you visit the about Google Chrome page too.

You seem to be under the impression that I believe that the Chrome Developers have been releasing updates on a daily basis?

I don’t use Firefox; too much exploit code is being written for it now.

I thought that Chrome installed a Task in the Windows Task Schedular that updated Chrome automatically?

I’m not usually one to complain about “little things” but why isn’t there a bookmarks tab like on Chrome? By the time you go into the menu to find the page you want to go to you could have just typed it. A bit counterintuitive don’t you think? :-\

Bookmarks tab in Chrome, what is that? Never seen it. :-\ Or do you mean New tab page? It’s available in Dragon too.

The tab that says “other bookmarks” below the wrench and page icons? If you hide the “shortcuts” in a menu you have to se4arch through it ceases to be a shortcut.

Never mind…figured it out. It was default in Chrome but not in Dragon.