Thinking about Deactivating Defense+

Has anyone deactivated Defense+, im thinking about it. I’m finding it annoying, I can see the benefit it could have but theres just so much to watch and check as ok actions. I’m not sure its the greatest thing for a home box.

Deactivating D+ will turn off half your protection. Why would you want to do that?

He is finding it annoying. So do I.

Perhaps your settings are wrong, I haven’t seen a pop-up from D+ for days…

If you have a problem, you could always ask…

I also have deactivated it. Its just very annoying, even at default settings.

By the way, after using comodo 3 for a couple days … i have downgraded my installation to 2.4 … thank God, this is nice firewall.

I think its because with im always installing, uninstalling stuff and trying out different apps. I guess ill leave it on my desktop thats much more static.

finally i decided to register in this forum. because i’m angry with CPF 3. (:AGY) (:AGY)

the firewall is greater than ever. but the Defense + should be called Defense - … truly. It causes so many conflicts within my system, put my processor usage to 100% all the time. Defense - is very unfriendly with freeware and open-source programs. why?

I’d rather lose a protection than be forever clogged up by unwarranted interceptions. defense - is half-cooked and badly implemented. thus, i have turned it off permanently. my system works fine afterwards.

uncouple this bloatware from the firewall. and you will make this world a whole lot better.

Well I wouldn’t say its badly implemented. I would say it still has some bugs with some configurations. For example for me it works perfectly. Hardly any popups unless something new is happening but my programs are working perfectly. And my settings are stricter than the default. So if it bombards you with alerts at the default (cleanpc mode) setting then Im sure you are not experiencing the normal operation of the firewall. This means there is a conflict with your config/bug in cpf. In this case I understand your annoyance. I experienced it on an other computer at home. I had to uninstall cfp from that pc. The bug(s) that appeared there are confirmed by the dev team and will be fixed in the next release. Hope it will solve your problem too. I may add two other things…

  1. Calling something ■■■■ will not make it better. Instead you may specify those freeware/os programs that are conflicting with cfp so the dev team can look after it.
  2. If bugs affecting your configuration are fixed, but you still prefer not to use defense+ in the future a version2-like operation mode is expected, I guess it will give similar protection as v2.4 without defense+. Time will tell.

i think we better use V2 than V3 without defense+. i’ve tried several leaktest apps on V3, and it was defense+ that warned about suspicious behavior, not the Firewall. ??? maybe defense+ is similar/upgraded V2 application monitor

Without defense+ cfp3 is a basic firewall. V2.4 wasn’t a basic firewall. Basic for me here means that a bit more then the windows built-in, something like older zonealarm free versions. The anti-leak protection of v2.4 has been moved to a more advanced level, in defense+. Without defense+ v3 will behave similarly as V2.4 with only application monitor and network monitor turned on. A version2.4-like operating mode of v3 (future plans) for me means that you will only receive 2.4-like alerts not more. Btw, if v3 is working correctly you should get less alerts than in v2.4 even with defense+enabled.

I too am disabling Defense+.

Too many issues. 2.4 was bad enough, with all the warnings I got despite not checking for ole highjacking and parent checking. But defense+ is just too annoying, for a while I couldn’t even hibernate my computer because it was trying to ask me to allow windows defender to do something, but the gui had already been turned off so I never saw the question.

Also, I never remembered to put it into install mode, so by the time it was necessary, I’d ahve a ton of questions allowing the program to modify this or that, and I didn’t want to label it as an installer just for a single software installation, have that setting filling up my permanent settings is just bleh. (I know someone might point out it does no harm to have a setting for that installer in the defense + settings, but I don’t want a security software to have a huge listing of approvals and disapprovals, it makes it look messy and I lose the feeling like I’m in control of things, every security setup should be short and sweet).

Also, it was forcing me to label apps as ‘trusted’ even though i didn’t feel like those apps should be. Just because I approved it for one thing didn’t mean I wanted it approved for everything else. But that was the only way to avoid having a bazillion ‘custom rules’ that I couldn’t glance at and couldn’t keep track of.

In the end, I felt I was being bugged more than a vista user, so I turned it completely off. Firewall, short sweet and simple. I’ll keep track of my suspicous software myself now.

are you using installation mode when installing ?

I have seen a lot negative views on v3 of cpf in this forum. I think nearly all complaints on v3 were caused by “Defense+”. The “Defense+” is actually like a separate anti-malware/spyware/rootkit application. This kind of security application deals with very low level system internals (i.e. kernel driver level) which easily cause conflicts with other applications need to access low level OS functions/drivers.

To combat ever changing attacks to Windows, the direction towards developing the Defense+ will be good to users. In my opinion, it will be impossible to avoid majority of applications which might cause conflicts with Defense+. I believe it did cause one of my legitimate application crash. No cure after giving the application trusted privilege and disabling Defense+ totally.

I sincerely hope that the development team could make a re-engineering of a exception mechanism to let user to define trusted applications. This way, users will not need to disable Defense+ totally or even turn to other security solution.

My best regards!

I don’t know what some are finding so annoying about Defense+, I left it on Clean PC mode and all I keep seeing is notices that it’s learning, not questions.
Although I am a little confused as to why I really need to see that he is always learning if he isn’t asking me to do anything.
Everyday, he just keeps on learning, nothing suspicious to report, just learning!
I mean, this guy has been learning like two weeks now; when is he going to graduate?!
When I install a new app I just set it to Install App mode and I get one pop-up and that’s it, which was even less than v2.4, but this other learning business…

LOL :smiley:
i even don’t get any learning notice anymore. and it’s good
i think if you want more allow/block pop up windows, you should set the Defense+ as train with safe mode.

the only time I hear from DEF+ in Clean PC Mode is after a new install. Once all running apps have been learned, they’re remembered and I get no pop up again, unless I install a new app, which is normal. And there’s always the install mode during the setups. No problem with Def+, on my machine at least. No to mention that Def+ is extremely useful in the sense that it can prevent other security programs termination, when you want it. Not resource demanding at all, no CPU load, no memory load (:CLP)

Those “learning…” messages can be turned off if they annoy you: Miscellaneous>Settings>General tab & uncheck “Show the balloon messages”. I also don’t get a lot of pop-ups unless I am working with something new. Without those pop-up messages, you lose the ability to spot a malware infection in action or trying to install itself. If this kind of hands-on control is too much trouble for you, maybe v2.4 would suit you better.

I’ve upgraded CFP 2.4 to the last 3 version. I very like the firewall changes; it seems to be all more functional and clear.
I can’t say the same thing for Defense+ component; I think it’s annoying, intrusive and too much “comprehensive” to be controlled by the user.

So I have a question: how can I set Defence+ to give me a basic protection like old 2.4 version did (parent application control)? What I have to disable and what to keep in settings?


As far as I know currently you can not make version 3 to behave as 2.4 as it works differently. There were rummors about a future update which would introduce a “2.4-version-like-mode”. I haven’t heard about it since then. Btw I don’t feel defense+ intrusive. I receive less popups than in v2.4 and all of the protection features of v3 are enabled.

I hope that. As it is, this 3 version seems to lack this 2.4 feature.

Btw I don't feel defense+ intrusive.

Well, when an application tries to monitor the presence, accessibility and behaviour of any sofware on my PC, I say it’s intrusive.

I receive less popups than in v2.4 and all of the protection features of v3 are enabled.

Is not only a matter of popups number; the point is that I just want a firewall that alerts me when an application (or a parent) tries to connect to the net, and so I’m not well disposed to waste time with a feature I don’t need/want.