Things missing from V2.4

At first: (R)
The FW is working well, but there are some small things I really miss: When you add a rule in 2.4 all other rules which became useless by the new one where deleted automatically. The 2nd thing is that in 2.4-Logscreen you could easilly find out WHY something was blocked.

And there is something I really loved at the V2.4: It was a PURE (One-Window-only-)Firewall. Nothing else. (I’m talking about Defense+,which isn’t bad, but for some (a lot) people maybe useless) A “FirewallOnly-Installer” would be nice.

Also the “Structure”/GUI isn’t as good as the old one. In 2.4 you only needed the buttons at the left side to switch between log and FW-Rules. Now for me it takes a lot longer to figure out why something is blocked and to change the Rule that network-traffic works as it should. For me a V2.4 for x64 (server 2003) would be a good solution. However V3 has lot more Features…
Cleaning up the GUI of V3 (2nd Windows [Pop-Ups like Network Security Policy] are useless because while they are opened you can’t access the mainwindow -therefore: display everything in the mainwindow like in 2.4) and improving the things I mentioned first would be nice.

Keep up the good work guys! I know it’s hard to improve things that are nearly perfect ;D

Greetz from Austria,

BTW: Don’t spend to much time on wizards or things like “Define a new trusted Ap.”. In the case I want to do that I can do it in Network Security Policy. This is also the MOST important thing about the FW. Why is it in “Advanced”? This is THE common task. Defining only “Trusted-Apllications” could lead to an unsecure system.