Things I'd like to see in next version of CPF

In addition to correcting the problems with the new version 2.4 tray icon and adding all the network connections and open ports back in along with the close button. I’d like to see the following in the next version:

  1. I’d like the ability to turn rules on and off without having to delete them and then re-create them. I’d like to just tick a box and turn the rule off until I choose to turn it back on. For example when I am using my laptop at home I have rules that allow network file sharing, etc. between the computers on my internal home network. When I use my laptop on the road at a hotel or something I obviously don’t want these file sharing ports and IP Addresses open and turned on. Right now I have to boot up and immediately move the rule down below the general block all default rule, which is a bit of a pain.

  2. Going along with 1 above I’d like the ability to pass cpf some kind of profile config file info on the command line that starts CPF that will do rule configuration, etc. on startup. That way, I could have it startup with file sharing on while at home, but with it turned off when booting up outside of my home network.

  3. Going along with 1 and 2 above, I have a hardware profile that I use for my home network and a separate hardware profile (that has my wireless radio built-in to my laptop turned on) for when I’m wanting to connect to a public wireless hot spot. Naturally I don’t want file sharing turned on and open in such situations. If comodo could recognize what hardware profile was booted and be set to different configuration network rules based upon the booted hardware profile that could accomplish what I want in 1 and 2 above.

  4. Another way to do the above would be to provide an interface for a user like myself to send comodo a configuration message at boot up so I could select from file sharing turned on and file sharing turned off, etc.

  5. The ability to turn network rules on and off without having to delete and re-create them or move them up and down in the rules list would also help with outside p2p network file sharing setups (i.e. bittorrent, utorrent, emule type stuff), where the rules needed to make this kind of p2p file sharing work can be turned on during periods of use and turned off (without the hassle of re-creating or moving them around) when those particular open ports are not needed.


Gary Britt

Great suggestion. I had thought of something in those lines. In addition to turn specific rules on/off, to toggle between profiles, like you said, home, work, wifi,…


The comodo folks seem to listen, so hopefully if enough of us want this kind of thing they will get it implemented.


have you already mentioned everything in the wishlist? If not, better do so

btw; you also have my vote on this


thanks for your post!

Couldn’t have expressed it better myself! (:CLP)


Turning rules on and off is something I would really appreciate…
Put your thoughts in the wishlist Gary Britt.

OK, I added my post to the version 4 wish list thread.


Gary Britt

I thank you Gary Britt. I want that feature!

  1. Have one profile for allowing file & printer sharing while on my home wireless network, but when I go to a free WiFi hotspot, that file & printer sharing is blocked so someone in the cafe cannot try to access those folders