Things Happen!!

Since there seemed to be a certain amount of gloating over the CAV update problem both at Wilders and the Avast forums read these:

Moral of the story?
Stuff happens!!

Um…that isn’t the “CAV update problem” but the avast! one. 88)

That was his point! 88)

It doesn’t just happen to Comodo - stupidity doesn’t discriminate! :smiley:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is there a vendor out there that something along these lines hasn`t happened to?

The only saving grace is it didn`t delete critical system files.

Stuff can and will go wrong, moral of the story? BACK UP IMPORTANT STUFF!


Ohhh…I reread it now and see. :slight_smile:

The grammar of the OP just implied that the links were talking about CAV’s update problem.

AVAST hates Delphi. ;D ;D ;D
AVAST regards the files are coded by Delphi as a trojan.

AVAST’s early response was really stupid.
One of their branch said it’s user’s problem, not AVAST’s.
Many people have formatted their HDD.
Some people even tried to restore and recover deleted files that are very important but failed.
Who’s going to lodge a complaint with the court?
Some companies and users are preparing for it.

But AVAST did succeeded an advertisement.
They spreaded their name in the world.
Was it marketing tactics? ;D ;D ;D

Also there is a funny thing.
Somebody who installed AVAST first time in his life that day formatted his HDD too. ;D ;D ;D

Back up your important data frequently!

1.external HDD.- Safest

2.USB memory- don’t trust.

3.CD or DVD media. - don’t trust.


“3.CD or DVD media. - don’t trust.”

I suppose it has to do with the amount/type stuff you are concerned about.
for my 6 or 7 gigs of MP3s,PDF’s,and text documents,I trust them just fine.

I just keep a file,named “Un-Backed Up”,with those things added since the last backup.
When it gets over a couple of Gigs,I burn it to a DVD-R.

I also run regular ERUNT backups,as system restore is disabled on my machine.

Works for me,and in the end, that is all I need be concerned with.

As far as the OS,I can reformat and install with my eyes closed.
Putting back programs is no big deal, I have so few.

As long as I do not lose my books,and tunes!!

I have over 10 thousand of DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-Dual layer, CD-R, CD-RW media which are recorded.
And one thousand of blank media.
Most of them are Mitsubishi, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, KODAK.
I’ve been lost many of them.
I don’t trust any of them.
The problem is the dye.
ex) cyanine, phthalocyanine, azo dye etc

Blank media is completely different from regular media(Press CD, DVD with aluminum).
As you know, the laser from your burner burns the dye.

the weakness of blank media is

We can’t predict when the media(dye) dies.
It could be dead in a day, week, month. Nobody knows even if it’s in the proper place and good condition.
Some media can have the longer life. But we can’t predict when the media(dye) dies in either case.
That’s why when some gorvernments and companies preserve their data with blank media, they use 24k GOLD+phthalocyanine media(KODAK GOLD).

Saved for future reference :wink:

It’s cheap.

Gold doesn’t sound cheap.