These programs will be deleted as wel...

Hello again.

The situation is as follows I installed Open Office 3.3 before CPM now it is in the list marked as DB monitored, also I have Java 6 update 22 also listed DB monitored. Now if I try to delete Java CPM forces me to delete Open office becourse they are dependant or something, but what if I just want to get rid of java for whatever reason?

I know that Open office installs Java as part of the install but … many games install DirectX, Net framework, XNA framework etc so now what, every time I uninstall such game CPM will try to get rid of Directx cuz they are “dependant”?

I suggest putting checkboxes in that window, so that users could choose uninstall “dependant” components or not, they are marked as seperate entries anyway, so could be uninstalled later if need be.

What do you think?

P.s. Sory about same topic in previous section, you can delete it.

The CPM problem with the dependent applications is not a matter of GUI but a problem of how CPM handles installers deployments. There are cases when a single installer process deploys two or more applications so it’s difficult to tell which entries correspond to which application. At the moment, putting them all dependent is the safest option available. We will try to improve further the detection process in the future releases.
Thank you.