These malwares Comodo don't detect ( zero day )


Macro trojan



Hi Henrique - RJ.

These files were sent to a COMODO lab. :slight_smile:


I expect to develop the heuristic

Hi Henrique - RJ,

Thank you for your submission.
We’ll check them and if found to be malware detection will be added.

Best regards

I wrote above that the files have been sent for analysis (in MRG Board, last my post :smiley: ).

Four days and nothing …


But what?

Nothing detect

Send me these files (PM) is faster will be checked.

I sent it for you ( link PM ).

Thank you!
The files were sent. Wait a few days


Few days ?


I do not know exactly how much.
I know that the files (not the same SHA1) are checked quickly.

uau !!!

Now are detected !

What did you do?

I have the rank of Malware Research Group for which I worked for a long time, sending tons of malware. We have a special section for this group, From there i can give these files for analysis. This section has limited access.
I can not give more information.