These bizarre things usually start after getting windows critical updates

and then after a while they disappear. I was listening to some music with some freeware called the VLC media player. Then I opened up FX after closing VLC and I get this.
This doesn’t just happen with the VLC media player, it’s also happened with wordpad.exe and a couple of other programs, and again it’s usually right after updating windows which I did last night. It usually stops after a shutdown & restart (but not always), but logging off and then back on doesn’t stop it. Any suggestions? thx btw, here’s a direct link to the image shack hosted print screen of the comodo PU if image comes out too small and distorted on the post.

It is just a warning. VLC does load BROWSEUI.DLL as it uses HTML. You should allow or deny, as you see fit, this one with “Remember” option ticked. What the others were depends on what the pop-up message said. Quite a few applications do things like add options to Explorer’s context menu, claim a file association, etc… CFP will produce an alert for all of these. You can always check CFPs Log (Activity tab) to see what the others were. Its best not to block (Deny) things remembered without knowing what they are. When it doubt, deny or allow not remembered.