Thermodynamics and Theory of Relativity...

Doggone it! Dog days of summer??

I know summer is slowly winding down as the season heads for change but I didn’t expect this kind of chill factor!?? Here it is September 22 and I’m sh-sh-sh-SHIVERING! Much colder around here today…!

Hey, ya don’t suppose, by any chance, it’s this SUPER COOL NEW COMODO ICE DRAGON BROWSER I JUST INSTALLED, do ya??? This old dinosaur has officially re-entered the Ice Age!

Best little bit of applied Thermodynamics I’ve enjoyed lately! Relativity? Well, relative to my recent horror story of an ‘Upgrade’ [HA!!] from Internet Explorer 6 to IE8 [IE HATE IT] that resulted in a virtual machine, as in virtually useless, it’s Light Years beyond that! IE8 gave a whole new meaning to the word s-l-o-w-w-w.

Lots to get used to here, though I’ve used the Firefox browser in the past. With the highly trustworthy Comodo Security upgrades it should be a sure winner for me. I had complaints with Firefox platform in the past because of its Cookie policies but on this install I plan to add some Cookie handling software to make that a non-issue. We shall see how it all goes. This install is also serving as the test bed for a buddy who is quite fed up with IE as well, so expect another new face around here soon!

Figured I’d start an Ice Dragon thread because I’m sure I’ll have expert questions, not coming from an expert but instead asked of the experts, like YOU!

THANKS AGAIN, COMODO!! Ice Dragon and CIS together will hopefully bring a whole new level of joy to this house!

So, the first little glitch has showed up, hard to explain. When browser opens or in any page selected from Bookmarks my browser doesn’t look the same as it does in the pictures here: Comodo IceDragon - Search The Internet | Web Browser & Internet Solutions

On that page and other Comodo Help pages it shows the Comodo Logo as the Dragon head in a blue circle and just to the right it has ‘Ice Dragon’ in a sort of white box or rectangle. That box with words Ice Dragon is missing on mine. Also many instructions say to click on that Logo for functions drop-down but mine’s not a live link, and the cursor arrow doesn’t change to the hand shaped cursor if I hover, no reaction when clicked on.

On this page for instance, I see the Dragon head in a complete blue circle, and next to it the text title of the page is written, ‘Post reply - Comodo Ice Dragon’. This is in a blue field that goes from dark blue to light blue across the top and all the way to the right are the 3 standard buttons to Minimize, Restore Up-Down or Close. Below that is a dark grey toolbar with File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and Help. All of those are active and may be clicked on.

Something is missing, appreciate any help.

Almost ‘Fixed’: been playing with this new browser and though I don’t have that function working with Icon I discovered that by clicking Tools, Options all of those Controls that are supposed to be in a drop-down menu at icon are also found in the tabs at Options, so I don’t really need the Ice Dragon Icon to be functional.

Seems another glitch showed up. While using this same forum section of Ice Dragon Help if I click on a thread I’m getting a yellow popup that ‘This Site is NOT SECURE!’ and the pages won’t display. Doing that on every page except this page which I accessed straight from Bookmarks. No idea if this post will go up or if it will announce that page is not secure?

Okay, this problem of Security popup fixed itself after closing out CID and restarting.

Also unable to change display Fonts from default to another style & size listed, as in Ariel 14pt. Changes aren’t taking effect.

Found the problem: Click Tools, Options, General and change font size as desired, click Advanced and changed all entries there to Ariel 14 pt and saw a flicker on screen. Tried Ariel 16, slightly larger, then Ariel 18 was just right.

Problem is that a described Font Size in CID or Firefox is entirely different than that same Font size in Internet Explorer.

A new problem after all the others are fixed. Checking Bookmarks I find that the installation of CID only imported my Internet Explorer Cookies from ‘A’ through ‘H’! Any bookmark alphabetized from ‘I’ through ‘Z’ is missing!

No idea how to solve this one…? Anybody have any ideas?


Just Imported all Favorites/Bookmarks from Internet Explorer a second time using the CID Browser Tools and again, all it imported is ‘A’ through ‘H’, never got to ‘I’ or beyond.

Is there a limit to the Bookmarks Folder/File size in Ice Dragon? I have a LOT of Bookmarks.


The IceDragon menu button is an alternative to the classic menus. You can enable the IceDragon menu by going to “View>Toolbars>Menu Bar”. This option will disable the classic menus (File, Edit etc.) and replace them with the IceDragon button.


Thanks for the tip!