There was some problems with comodo firewall :(

I had installed comodo firewall this evening. I use DU Meter to track my connection’s data transfer rate. Unfortunately, DU meter was not showing any upload rate.

Moreover, I gotta felling that the download speed was as usual but upload speed decreased (after installing Comodo).

One another problem … I was chatting on WLM. My friends were saying they weren’t receiving my messages. They were unable to see my display picture.

So, I uninstalled Comodo. Everything came back to norlam after uninstalling.

I have also tried the latest beta version (downloaded from …

What could be wrong there??

Edit: for ur more information I use KAV. When I was downloading comodo then KAV shows some riskware message. So, I uninstalled KAV. And then I installed Comodo. After then I reinstalled KAV. When I restarted and run my windows again … then KAV showed me these info’s … Look the screenshot …

[attachment deleted by admin]

No help from anyone? :frowning:


When you installed CPF, what options did you alter from their defaults - loopback monitoring, behaviour analysis, non-standard protocol analysis etc.? Did you create any custom network monitor or application monitor rules?

Can you please try downloading the install file directly from Comodo ( and let us know if you get a different result using the original Comodo installer.

Ewen :slight_smile: