There was a game update? Fine, Comodo asks every time again for permissions


at first some positive feedback:
i use your products since years… maybe since 2006, i forgot since when.
And i am nearly 90% satisfied by Comodo Internet Security.

BUT - every time when a game updates itself - comodo asks me again for permissions.
Thats annoying. I request a category to put games into so that comodo doesnt ask again for permissions.
Because it happened to myself more then once that i missclicked and blocked the game instead of granting the needed access.

The next problem is to delete the game from the blocked list - even if you allowed everything for the program, gave any needed rights - Defense+ still blocks it. THIS really really annoys me and makes me reload Comodo with a new config-file → so the permission-giving starts again after a restart.

So can you please do:
a) insert a game-update category therefore people like me only have to grant access once
b) make it easier to kick blocked applications from the blacklist of defense+/firewall/antivirus to avoid reloading a config-file.

Thank you!


There are two things you can do to trust a game if you completely trust it. Don’t use either of these methods if you don’t completely trust it.

1 - Add the game to the Trusted Files list. But when adding it, make sure to select the option to Use file names instead of file hashes.

2 - Give the game the Installer or Updater predefined policy in the Computer Security Policy.

Both of these methods will not care if an application has been updated.

If you’ve blocked an application, you can remove it from Defense+ → Computer Security Policy. You don’t need to reload a configuration file.

Thank you for the fast answer!

Ok Option 1 seems good, i try this.
Option 2 has not worked well in each situation.
Like today - i added an application to blacklist instead of whitelist and tried to delete it from the blacklist.
I even added it to the whitelist with 100% trust and so on, but it hasnt helped. I’m not sure how to reproduce this failure, sorry, but it happens from time to time.