There must be something wrong here :)

This firewall is to good to be true. I try live by the principle that if something sounds to good to be true - it propably is. I am trying to find the catch everywhere. I try to find flaws with CPF, but support here proves me wrong every time.

The more I discover about CPF the better it gets.

The latest thing I learned is that I can actually allow or deny individual modules inside svchost.exe! :o
Never seen that feature in any other firewall, and I´ve tried quite a few. Well, maybe the other firewalls did do it, but they never told me so clearly about it anyway. It is really nice to have a firewall that tells me everything it does, if I want. I dont have to dig deeper if I am not interrested, but I have the option which is great. CPF is the greatest thing since Firefox.


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